This is an agreement entered into by and between


#501/D-5, Elite Gardens, Aundh

Pune – 411007, Maharashtra, India

Hereinafter referred to as “ATYAASAA”


AB Corporation Ltd.


Hereinafter referred to as "ABC"

for collaborating in the delivery of various online programmes designed, developed and delivered by

Atyaasaa. ATYAASAA now wishes to expressly state that:

1. ATYAASAA has recently launched its online e-learning portal i.e. AtyaasaaOnline.

2. ATYAASAA is glad to offer online courses on this platform to the students of ABC.

Courses offered and administrative process

For free online course:

3. The bonafide students of ABC will be able to enrol for the ATYAASAA’s online course titled

‘Transitioning into Leadership (Managerial Effectiveness)’and complete the same by or before 365

days from the date of enrolment to the same.

4. For this purpose, ABC is to generate a list of its bonafide students in the format provided by

ATYAASAA and arrange to send the print copy of the same duly signed by the ABC authorized

signatory and bearing ABC stamp, to ATYAASAA’s SPOC (Single Point of Contact).

5. ABC will also arrange to send a softcopy of the same in MS-Excel format over email to


6. Upon receipt of this list from ABC, ATYAASAA will generate the corresponding respective free

coupons for each of the students and arrange to send it to each one of them directly.

7. This coupon can be used only by the specified bonafide student to whom it has been issued as per

the list furnished by ABC for the purpose of enrolling into the course titled ‘Transitioning into

Leadership (Managerial Effectiveness)’. The coupons are non-transferable to any other person.



This agreement shall terminate automatically:

a. If any party hereto commits breach of any provisions of this agreement and the party who is

alleged to have committed breach is served with a notice by the other party, thirty (30) days

prior to the intended date of termination by the other party and the former party has failed to

amend the breach within the said period.

b. If either party goes in either voluntary or compulsory liquidation according to or under the

law by which it is governed.

c. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time by giving a written notice ninety (90)

days prior to the proposed date of termination.

d. This notice of termination of the agreement is to be sent by registered post in order to it to

become effective.

e. Upon the termination of this agreement, both parties agree to comply with all their respective

obligations under this agreement and fulfilling them including delivery of agreed services to

the respective client up to the clients’ satisfaction.

Other online courses

9. ATYAASAA will be happy to extend a scholarship to all the bonafide ABC students who wish to

enrol for the other online courses published on AtyaasaaOnline.

10. This scholarship will be up to an amount equal to 70% of the web published fee amount.

11. To avail the benefit of this scholarship, the amount equal to 30% of the web published fee amount

in INR for these courses to which the ABC students wish to enrol may be collected by ABC and

the same needs to be remitted to ATYAASAA in advance as per the payment process specified


12. The list of the bonafide students desirous of enrolling for the other online courses on

AtyaasaaOnline, must be sent by ABC to ATYAASAA together with the per student 30% fee

amount of the web published price.

13. Once ATYAASAA receives the appropriate amount in INR in advance from ABC together with

the list of interested ABC students, ATYAASAA will directly release to the students over email

their respective coupons for enrolling to the selected courses.

14. ATYAASAA will also send the list of students together with their respective coupons to ABC for

the resolution of any immediate escalation and record.


15. All the students enrolled for the online courses published on AtyaasaaOnline will receive an

electronic certificate of having successfully completed the online course after the successful

completion of the final quiz towards the end of the course with minimum of 70% marks.

16. This e-certificate will be automatically generated and sent electronically on the email id registered

by the student during enrolment.


17. This specified online course will be FREE (at no cost to ABC or its bonafide students) for the

bonafide students of ABC who enrol for the online course from ATYAASAA titled ‘Transitioning

into Leadership (Managerial Effectiveness)’.

18. All the other courses on AtyaasaaOnline can be availed of by the bonafide students of ABC with a

scholarship amounting to 70% of the web published price.

19. All the amounts mentioned as the web published fee are inclusive of GST. Thus, after availing the

scholarship of 70% of the web published fee amount, the balance 30% fee amount payable by the

bonafide ABC students to ATYAASAA will also be inclusive of the GST.

20. Fee once paid is not refundable and not transferable to any other student of ABC or otherwise.

Payment process

21. ABC need to remit the 30% per student fee amount of the web published price in advance to

ATYAASAA through NEFT as per the bank details given below:



Atyaasaa Global Alliances LLP

Name of beneficiary


Account no. of beneficiary

Nature of Account

Current A/C

Name of Bank

HDFC Bank Ltd.

Aundh Branch / 93 Anand Park, Rajyog Creation, off

ITI Road, Aundh, Pune -411007

Branch & Address

Phone No. 020-25893529







E-mail Id of beneficiary


22. Both the organizations shall ensure that strict confidentiality is maintained by them regarding the

entire commercial transactions and details thereof that may be conducted by and between ABC


23. Both the organizations shall also ensure that the students’ data collected for AtyaasaaOnline

purpose is kept confidential and is not used for any other commercial or non-commercial

purposes other than for the purpose of AtyaasaaOnline.

24. The information pertaining to the coupons issued to the enrolled students will also be kept

strictly confidential by both the organizations.


25. All the provisions of this agreement are valid for a period of 02 (two) years from the date of its



26. ABC will help ATYAASAA in all possible manner to facilitate the ABC students take the online

courses published on AtyaasaaOnline.

27. ABC will help ATYAASAA in quick reconciliation and resolution of any payment discrepancy or

other student related issues, if any, as and when they arise.

28. ABC and ATYAASAA together will work towards making these online courses available to the

students for their immense perpetual benefit.

29. The course content published on AtyaasaaOnline is designed and laid out exclusively for

academic purposes only. The information, documents and all the other related material content

included therein have been sourced from various sources and ATYAASAA does not confirm the

authenticity of the same. The views and opinions expressed in the aforesaid content herein have

pure academic value and the ATYAASAA takes no responsibility or liability of any kind from its

use, non-use or misuse for any purpose whatsoever and the users of Atyaasaa Online as well as

ABC indemnifies ATYAASAA from any such liabilities that might arise in the process.

30. ABC understands and agrees that the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) of the respective IPR

owners including ATYAASAA, of the content is well respected and protected by it and its

bonafide students. ABC will make all efforts towards protecting the respective IPRs.

Signed by and on behalf of:



Authorized Signatory

Authorized Signatory











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