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Paranormal Experiences in Our Old Manchester Home ‘STEPHANIE, YOUR HOUSE IS HAUNTED!’

one of the cases of soda, they’d just seen the case go flying

Hi, everyone! It’s Stephanie. If you know me, then you

off the counter before it slammed into the floor.

probably know that ghost stories have been part of my whole life! My family says that ghosts like to pick on me because unusual experiences tend to happen around me. Since I heard that it’s National Paranormal Day

The strangest part was that the soda was in fancy glass bottles, but not a single one broke. Another time I noticed the ghost’s presence was when

I was sitting in bed alone upstairs and the door whipped open on its own. Then, I felt the mattress bend as if someone else had just sat down. That made my skin crawl!

on May 3, I thought it’d be fun to share a few ghost stories about my last home in Manchester. It

“Without anyone near one of the cases of soda, they’d just seen the case go flying off the counter before it slammed into the floor.”

used to be five minutes away from our storefront! Also, it’s actually a little funny that Mother’s Day falls in this month because I’m pretty sure our home was haunted by a cranky mom. I first noticed that our home was haunted during the housewarming party. We’d just moved in and we had a lot of people over for some food, drinks and music. A few of them were in the kitchen and suddenly, I heard a loud crash from there. I ran over and my friends were white-faced. “Stephanie, your house is haunted!” Without anyone near

There was one more time, though, that is definitely some people’s favorite story. I had just cleaned the entire house and I felt really excited about it. Everything looked pristine and beautiful and if I left for my errands right then, I’d be on schedule. So, I walked over to where I usually kept my car keys, but lo and behold, they weren’t there.

I tore through the house to find them. And I’d just cleaned the whole house, so it felt

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Diane loves cooking for her family and friends, but as a retiree, most of the time she’s left to cook for herself. That’s challenging for her because “you just can’t make a small enough portion,” Diane told us recently. “Then, you have so much left over that you’re tired of it or it’s wasteful.” She’d eat out from local restaurants several times a week. Then, due to a cardiac event, she had to be extra careful about her health. “I worry all the time about gaining weight and, of course, COVID-19 has been horrible [for that],” she laughed over the phone. Luckily, after she moved into a 55-plus resident building, she met a couple that had regular deliveries and they recommended it to her. She looked over the menu and was impressed by the diversity and price, so she decided to give it a shot! “I find it very easy to order online,” Diane says. Since every box comes with a menu for the upcoming weeks, it’s simple to be reminded to stay on top of her orders. Due to COVID-19, the delivery guy meets the front desk instead of coming to her front door — but even so, the first thing she wanted to rave about was our staff! Why Diane Loves October Kitchen HEART- HEALTHY FOOD, STRAIGHT TO HER DOOR

“If any mistakes happen, it’s easily fixed,” she says. As a woman of faith, she’s also pleased with the prayers inside our menus. (Thank you so much, Diane!) Her favorite dish? Anything with salmon! She orders our fish dishes every week. There are several other favorites, like Not Your Grandma’s Tuna Casserole as a healthy comfort food and Old Grandma’s Stuffed Peppers. She loves that they’re low in calories, filling and totally heart-healthy. There are several qualities about our dishes that Diane loves. She adores our usage of herbs! She loves herbs in her own cooking, but it’s expensive to buy them for single-serving dishes. They tend to go bad before you use them all. She also loves the portion control and finds that every meal keeps her full and satisfied.

Thank you so much for your support, Diane! We can’t wait to serve you salmon very soon!

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loud housewarming party, chat in the middle of the night or reprimand me and force me to ask nicely for my keys back.

like I was tearing through it several times already! I was truly exasperated, so I stood in the middle of the kitchen and talked to the ghost. “Hey!” I protested. “I know you think you’re being funny, but it’s really not. I’ve gotta go. If you could please give me my keys back, that’d be great.” I searched through the house again, then I walked into my bedroom and in the exact middle of the floor, I found my keys waiting for me. I have so many ghost stories to share, but a lot of odd things happened in that house! Sometimes, I’d hear a strange “shhh” sound while I was sitting on the sofa watching TV. I like to think that the ghost was a cranky mom who wanted to shush our

Paranormal experiences have always been part of my life, but that house was very haunted for sure. You could say I’m now officially my friends’ “ghost hunter” when they’re house hunting. They’ll take me on their tours and ask if I sense any ghosts! Anyhow, thanks for joining me. Tell me your best ghost story sometime! –Stephanie Chandler

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Yale Provides Free Psychology Course to High School Students WHAT’S THE SCIENTIFICWAY TO BE HAPPY? High school students are taking a free class from Yale and it’s about one of the most difficult topics adults have to navigate their whole lives: happiness. In 2018, Yale Professor Laurie Santos created Psychology and the Good Life, a course designed to address the growing mental health needs of students on campus. It attracted over 1,200 undergraduate students immediately upon its first semester and became one of the most popular online classes in Yale’s history. Today, the course is being offered free for more than 550 low- income high school students across the US — and yes, it gives free college credit upon completion! Santos told the Good News Network, “Our goal is to equip students with scientifically validated strategies for living a more satisfying life while also creating opportunities for high-striving low-income students and students of color to demonstrate college readiness.” The program was developed in partnership with University of Connecticut and the National Education Equity Lab and will be offered in more than 40 Title I schools in 17 cities, including Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles and New Haven. Students receive access to Santos’ lectures and support by a local teacher at their high school and a Yale Teaching Fellow. The high school class will be slightly modified from the original course but will present students with the same essential, scientifically validated strategies for living a more satisfying life. What does psychological science say about happiness? Is there a scientifically proven way to be less stressed? Students can find answers in this course and put their findings into practice. “This is a really challenging time and that means that students need to learn new strategies to protect their mental health,” said Santos. “Our goal is to give students the tools they need to flourish and feel better. But in addition, we can give students a rigorous Yale educational experience and an opportunity to see that they have what it takes to succeed in college and beyond.”

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High schoolers and teachers can encourage their local schools to pick up this free course today; go to DrLaurieSantos.com

and fill out the information to get started. And if you’d like to take the course yourself, you can! Dr. Santos created a version of it for Coursera.org — just search “The Science of Well-Being.” You can also listen to their hit podcast, “The Happiness Lab,” which is in Apple’s Top 5 Podcasts with over 30 million downloads!

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99-Year-Old Betty White’s Secrets of Longevity

How to Live to 99 BETTY WHITE’S


stranger to hard work. As she told Parade in 2018, “I just love to work, so I’ll keep working until they stop asking.” Exercise Your Mind

Beloved “Golden Girls” actress Betty White is still enjoying her golden years. The famed actress celebrated her 99th birthday this January. While she told People magazine that she’s “blessed with good health, so turning 99 is no different than turning 98,” she also had a few tips for folks looking to make it to their centennial birthday. Keep Laughing “Don’t take yourself too seriously,” White says. “You can lie to others — not that I would — but you cannot lie to yourself.” White has undoubtedly provided many laughs to viewers over the years, but she’s not just playing it up for the camera. Laughter is part of what keeps her young. Be Optimistic White says a good sense of humor also helps her keep a good attitude and look for the positive rather than “dwelling on the downside.” Avoiding negativity also gives her energy. “It takes up too much energy being negative,” she told People magazine. Stay Busy With nearly eight decades of acting under her belt, six Emmys on her shelf and over 120 screen credits to her name, White is no

In addition to her busy work schedule, what keeps Betty White sharp? Crossword puzzles! She told Katie Couric in an interview, “I’m addicted. An admitted addict. I just can’t put ’em down.” Find a Cause White is a lifelong animal lover. She calls her

golden retriever, Pontiac, “the star of the house.” While pet ownership itself comes with proven health benefits, White has channeled her love for animals in bigger causes. She’s been a trustee and board member of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association for over 40 years and has done work to help protect endangered species in the wild. Funds raised from White’s official fan club, Bet’s Pets, all go to support animal charities. Embrace Your Vices White told Parade she loves vodka and hot dogs “probably in that order,” which just goes to show that you don’t have to forgo your treats to live to 99.

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