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Things just keep heating up, and I’m starting to really get excited for summer. Are you? In this edition of the newsletter — our last before the June/July “Summer 2021 Edition” — we go over the last-minute body basics to make sure you’re ready for the beach, the pool at the club, or wherever else you find yourself rocking a bikini this year. As you can imagine, slots at our clinic are starting to fill up, and we want to make sure that you get your chance to have your best summer yet! We’re also really excited to offer some of the services that patients demand from their clinic these days — after all, I strongly believe that everything should be patient-driven. If you’re not listening to them, then you’re doing something wrong! One of those features our patients asked for is the ability to peruse and pay for services and procedures from the comfort of their home, office, or anywhere else they might have internet access. We listened, and that’s why our website, store.drsukkar.com, exists! Our online store gives you access to the information you need to make decisions about your health care and even allows you to take care of the payment side without having to visit our office. Of course, we offer shipping and handling on all applicable products. We’re proud to have brought this webstore to life. My clinic is also up to a few other things that you should definitely be aware of as we head into summer. The first is Cellfina, a one-time procedure that’s minimally invasive and tackles cellulite one dimple at a time. This is a great option for many women — after all, up to 90% report being affected by cellulite in unwanted places, and most find it’s difficult to get rid of through diet and exercise alone. Cellfina is the medical answer to such a problem, and it simply allows us to tackle the challenge one dimple at a time by smoothing the surface of the skin and releasing the bands of tissue that cause dimples, aka cellulite. Last but certainly not least, we’re excited to offer the best semi-permanent makeup solutions that are available in today’s market. Not only will it save you time every day, but it’s also long lasting and impervious to water and wear — just in time for summer fun. Lip blushing, eyeliner (both upper and lower), freckles, and beauty marks are all on the table with this service. So are microblading and Ombre Brows, eyebrow solutions that will stick around and remove the need to tweeze!

Many women have discovered the benefits of microblading, semi-permanent makeup, and other long-lasting cosmetic solutions in the past five years, and it just made sense for us to offer those options to our patients. Further, we already possessed the technology and the experience to do the work — unlike some of the “pop-up” spas and beauty salons that have begun to offer those services as well. With us, you know you’re getting an experienced and reliable medical team that is certified and perfoms these — and much more advanced procedures — every day. Whatever you’re planning for the summer, I can’t wait to be part of the solution. Our team is eager and willing, and we have the expertise and equipment to give you the self-confidence you deserve during summer 2021 and beyond. I hope to see you soon!

– Dr. Sam Sukkar

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HOW INTUITIVE EATING CAN HELP YOU QUIT DIET CULTURE What Is Intuitive Eating? The concept of mindfulness has fully saturated mainstream culture at this point. Though it’s more likely to conjure up an image of someone sitting cross-legged with closed eyes than sitting at a table looking wide-eyed at mealtime, it’ll serve you just as well on your dinner plate as it will on your yoga mat. What is intuitive eating? Eating mindfully, also known as intuitive eating, is trending in the health and wellness world. But it couldn’t be more different from fad diets or other trends like fasting and cleanses, which have restrictive lists of rules and foods to eat or avoid. Intuitive eating starts by simply tuning in to your body’s needs and cues, but it goes further than that. As a Harvard Medical School article put it, “In essence, mindful eating means being fully attentive to your food — as you buy, prepare, serve, and consume it.” And that includes focusing on how different foods and eating habits make you feel, both physically and mentally.

eating. Even the tried-and-true method of calorie counting has raised doubts in recent years due to inaccuracies in calorie calculations for the nutrition labels and research on how calorie restriction can backfire by changing your hormone levels and even slowing down your metabolism. Kristen Smith, a registered dietitian and the spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, says it’s also linked to disordered eating habits. Intuitive eating may just be the antidote. Singer Demi Lovato, who has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder and body-image issues, credits a more mindful approach to eating with helping her overcome harmful eating patterns. How does it lead to better health outcomes? Having a regular exercise routine and eating well have long been known as the two pillars of physical health. When it comes to the latter, intuitive eating helps you create healthy and sustainable eating habits. The upshot is that when you eat better, you’ll feel better. Being attuned to that connection is the foundation of mindful eating. Most of us know that we should eat whole foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables, but feeling the outcome of increased consumption of these foods will help you stick with and build the habit.

While this may feel … intuitive ... it’s easier said than done in a culture with consistent and often confusing messaging around what constitutes healthy

SERVICE OF THE MONTH Ready for Bikini Season?

Time at the beach is in many of our near futures, and that means we’re all going to want to look our best. One of the great things about modern medicine is that we can choose a lot about our personal appearance — we aren’t “locked in” to what we’re born with, nor are we left to deal with the process of aging without the means to help. Right now, we’re seeing a lot of interest in a few procedures, but in terms of quick recovery time and noticeable improvement, it’s hard to beat breast augmentation or breast lifts (often with augmentation as well). Breast augmentation especially has come a long way in the last few years, and you’re realistically looking at a recovery time of 7–10 days, if that. Although the general process will be the same for everyone, we have a lot of options in terms of traditional silicone or saline implants. Traditional silicone is what many will opt for, and it also affords us the “anatomical” option, which mimics the natural shape of a breast well, for those looking for that kind of enhancement. On the other

hand, saline implants are filled with harmless saline solution and can be inflated after they are placed. In both cases, most April operations will leave you beach-ready by May 1st! Augmentation is a great option for women of all ages. But if you’re interested in specifically countering the effects of time, then a breast lift may be needed, as well — or as an alternative to augmentation. Our clinic specializes in three kinds of lifts, depending on the severity of the sag: periareolar lifts, lollipop lifts, and full mastopexies. In either case, you’re looking at a bit longer recovery time — say, three weeks before you can return to your normal schedule. Still, you’d be trying on that bikini sometime in May, with plenty of time left in the summer. But there may not be a lot of time left in our busy spring schedule, so be sure to reach out and contact the clinic at 281-940-1535 to get your procedure penciled into our calendar!

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The Truth About Essential Oils ARE THEY REALLY SAFE? If you’ve ever visited a spa or tried a “natural” perfume, then you’ve probably been exposed to essential oils. These fragrant oils are derived from plants and have become a fad among health nuts, yoga practitioners, and even chefs. Many oils can cause rashes and even poison users if they’re swallowed or rubbed directly onto the skin. In addition to this, incorrectly breathing in an essential oil can cause pneumonia. example is sage oil; it has beneficial applications, but even small amounts can make a child very ill.

How can you use oils safely? If you use essential oils or oil-based products, it’s vital that you follow the instructions that come with them and keep bottles of pure oil locked away from your kids and pets. When you’re using oils topically, dilute them with a barrier substance like a non-essential oil, lotion, or aloe jelly; and when you’re inhaling them, use a waterless or water-based diffuser. Finally, when in doubt, do your

How are essential oils misused? When it comes to essential oils, there are two big mistakes people might make: They either overuse essential oils with their children or they apply them the wrong way. When essential oils are concerned, proper application and amount can make a life-or-death difference. Nutmeg oil, for example, tastes delicious in food but can cause hallucinations and even comas when mishandled,

Many devotees believe that a few drops of oil added to a diffuser, mixed with food, or rolled onto the wrist can do just about anything, like reduce anxiety and ward off the common cold. In 2019, the global essential oil market was valued at more than $7 billion, and sales are expected to soar above $14 billion by 2026. But there’s a catch: Some doctors now warn that essential oils are not a panacea — and they’re not as safe as they seem. What do the experts say? According to Rose Ann Gould Soloway, a clinical toxicologist at the National Capital Poison Center, essential oils can be safe and beneficial. However, they have harmful side effects when misused.

research! The American Botanical Council’s HerbalGram journal, AromaWeb.com, and databases like ScienceDirect and PubMed Central are great resources. Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital also offers an expert safety guide for using oils on kids.

and eucalyptus oil, which can soothe a cough, can also cause seizures if ingested. Another

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3 Essential Areas to Focus On Get in Shape for Your Next Backpacking Trip

Improve Your Balance Backpacking trails are rough, and you’ll need good balance to navigate obstacles and step over boulders, creeks, and large roots. The good news is that increased strength and balance go hand in hand. Building up the muscles in your legs and core will help improve your balance, as will taking walks or runs on uneven trails or terrain. These are just a few quick tips to help you get in shape this backpacking season. For more in-depth instructions, check out CleverHiker.com, Backpacker.com, or search “How to Train for Hiking” on REI.com. Happy hiking!

Backpacking in the mountains puts a fun twist on the standard campout. By packing all your gear miles from the nearest roads, you can leave the whole world behind and just exist in nature. That said, backpacking can also put a lot of strain on your body — unless you properly prepare for it. Peak backpacking season isn’t too far away, but it could take a couple of months to physically prepare for your next big trip. So, now is the perfect time to start working toward some of the following fitness goals: Increase Muscle Strength and Endurance Your leg and core muscles, as well as your shoulders and lower back (to a lesser extent), will do most of the heavy lifting when you’re hauling a 30–50-pound pack up a trail. With that in mind,

you should devote two nonconsecutive days each week to strengthening these muscle groups. A few good exercises to increase leg strength are jump squats, single-leg deadlifts, step-ups, and hip rolls. A simple way people can increase core strength is by doing planks. Improve Your Cardio Health Backpacking includes a lot of walking while carrying heavy weight at a high altitude, which means it’s just as important to get your cardiovascular system into shape as it is to strengthen your muscles. Dedicate three days each week — alternating with your strength training days — to building your cardio health with activities like trail running, biking, swimming, or other aerobic exercises.

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