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things you care about are protected. You know you have the power to fix or replace them. As an independent insurance agent, we help dozens of families rest easy every month through the protection of what is theirs. We help them plan for the unexpected and often do so while saving them money. For so many families, that means the world.

S ince I was a teenager, I’ve considered myself an entrepreneur. From that age, I’ve loved coming up with business ideas and then turning them into reality. It’s a passion that has stuck with me to this day — and for good reason. With entrepreneurship, you get a sort of freedom. I go to work every day knowing I don’t have to punch a clock and that I am my own boss. I get to work on my terms. And there’s no time for slacking off. As a business owner, I’m often working outside of normal business hours. I want to see my business not only succeed, but thrive. I also want to see the people I work with thrive. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes from knowing that, through my entrepreneurship, I’ve been able to provide jobs for others. There are families that count on my success for their own success. This helps me push forward, because their success is important to me. Then, of course, there’s our clients. They’re arguably the most important part of being an entrepreneur and business owner. Without clients, I don’t have much of a business — whether it’s the insurance business or the law firm. From an insurance perspective, I firmly believe the things we own should be protected. When something we own is damaged or lost, it can be a painful experience. You rest easier at night when the

From a legal perspective, I’m in a place in my career where I have the outstanding privilege to advocate and negotiate for my clients. As a lawyer, I’m trained to think differently, and the concepts behind liberty and justice are often on my mind. To that end, I have a sacred duty and responsibility to fight what may seem like an uphill battle. I speak for those who would otherwise have no voice. I’m here to give people their lives back. More than that, though, I’m here to give people hope — hope they may have lost.

At the end of the day, that’s what tells me this is all worth it. I provide a positive outcome after bad things happen — things many of us don’t want to think about.

Sometimes, though, we do have to think about them. And that’s when we get the call. Clients usually call our insurance agency to file a claim or they call the law firm seeking representation after a bad event has occurred. I’m there for people when they’ve lost someone they love. And I’m there for them when they need compensation to heal, pay their mortgage, support their education, buy a new car, or even replace their home. At the same time, I’m here to help when they’re facing a criminal charge or are dealing with a business dispute, both of which can be incredibly challenging. In all of this, I have an amazing staff by my side. They are the support I need to make things happen. This includes my wife, Alison, who is always there to help out. She’s the one who keeps me on point. While my strength lies in developing ideas, she’s there for the follow-up. She brings things into focus

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