Fuels Statistics 2023

Deliveries of oil products for UK inland consumption, 2022 DELIVERIES OF OIL PRODUCTS FOR UK INLAND CONSUMPTION, 2022

Million toe

Gas oil, 4.89

Petrol, 10.86

Butane and propane , 2.80

Burning oil, 2.95

ii iv

iii i

Bitumen, 1.56

Road diesel, 21.90

Jet fuel, 9.58

Source: DESNZ i, Naphtha LDF = 0.0521Mt ii, Lubricating oils= 0.278 Mt iii, Fuel oil = 0.313 Mt iv, Other petroleum gases = 0.666 Mt

Diesel accounts for 39% of all inland oil product deliveries, considerably more than petrol deliveries. 2022 also saw the return of jet fuel as the third most supplied oil product after Covid.


Fuels Statistics 2023

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