Fuels Statistics 2023


Elizabeth de Jong Chief Executive Officer, Fuels Industry UK

A s Chief Executive Officer, I am delighted to bring you our new Fuels Statistics publication, which is the only comprehensive collection of statistics covering the whole of the UK’s fuel supply sector. Fuels Statistics provides industry and policymakers with a one-stop-shop reference point for analysis of the latest data in the fuels supply sector. It highlights relevant information from greenhouse gas and other emissions, to the uptake of alternative energies for transportation like biofuels and electric vehicles, and essential performance measures across the sector. Since bringing our first members together in 1979, we have looked to adapt to the challenges of the day. Over the last five years alone, we have had Covid, lockdowns, working from home, rapid inflation, Just Stop

Oil protests and the invasion of Ukraine. As well as external factors affecting operations of the sector, we now need to address the move to net zero and the huge scale of change required to achieve this. Our ambition at fuels Industry UK is to help achieve the twin pillars of energy security and a low carbon future. We must do this in a way that benefits everyone: consumers as well as businesses both inside and outside the sector. To reflect the transition our sector is making, we have also recently renamed the association as Fuels Industry UK mirroring the nascent move away from fossil fuels to more sustainable fuels in our industry. To highlight the early transformation our sector is going through, our member companies are making substantial


Fuels Statistics 2023

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