Woodlyn PT January 2020





2020. Not just a new year, but a new decade. Wow, that is insane.

Past foresight does make me realize something: When I was younger, I didn’t always think about waking up in the morning. But these days, I remember. I’m thankful. Every morning I wake up, every moment with my wife and kids, all of the resources I have living in America, all of the energy I put into being positive and trying to grow — those were things that developed over a long time of living in the moment and knowing what was important to me. In the March edition, I mentioned an important, life-shaping event I experienced. I spent six months abroad when I was 28 years old where I saw the world through a nomadic lifestyle. I was riding a bike, camping, or spending a dollar to sleep in a shack in Bangkok. You see a lot more when you live life like that. Some people can’t imagine flipping a switch and the lights not turning on. There’s a lot more value to our lives when we realize how great such a small thing like electricity can be. I’ve been in business for 25 years — there have been ups and downs, just like traveling on your feet, but it’s all been a good road. It’s been worth it. I

I graduated high school in 1975. There was never a point in my senior year that I thought about what 2020 would look like for me. And even now, I lack the pretentiousness to say I’ve got the next 10 years planned out for me. It’s not because foresight is bad; you just can't plan for some of life’s simple joys. I often live in the moment to connect with what’s important to me. If you’re struggling to make 2020 New Year’s resolutions, don’t feel bad about it. I think living in the moment is one of the best ways to live in a fulfilling way. "But, Jim," you may be wondering, "what about planning?" I plan, too! I can focus on staying healthy with daily routines while also paying attention to how the Eagles are doing this year, not two years ago. Sure, the Eagles won the Super Bowl in 2018, but they stink this year. That’s all I’m saying. But in all seriousness, the present moment always brings me closer to the things I find most worthwhile: my family and my business.

don’t think about what I don’t have; I don’t necessarily set goals based on that. Living your best life and growing from that is the best anyone can do. Some people say business is like sports, but the "present" mindset applies, too. You could say I don’t live for the Eagles; I don’t spend the current moment wondering why my team isn’t performing well this year. If things aren’t going well for them, I keep looking forward. Nobody wants to spend their days stressing about bills; if you’re already making game plans and following through with them, your worries for the future aren’t actually looking at the future at all. You’re worried about history repeating itself. Don't look in the mirror; look ahead. Don’t let the past affect your present. Your New Year’s resolution is best enjoyed right now. The past is long gone, and the next day is beautiful and already here. 1 -Jim Brennan



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