NATFEN Awards Magazine Edition 2


BIGGEST EVER NATIONAL FENESTRATION AWARDS VOTE SET TO OPEN W elcome to your second edition of NFA Digital, and it comes just as we’re about to announce the lucky people and companies who have made it through to the voting phase of this year’s competition. We shall also be announcing the winners of the September Cool Wall and opening up the October Systems and Clayton Glass, who are backing this part of the competition for the 2017 and 2018 campaigns.

We had a record 299 nominations during the longest ever phase of it’s kind in the NFAs. Although we cannot yet announce who made it through, the diversity and sheer number of different companies nominated have meant we are creating longer voting lists and 2017 is set to be the most diverse and expansive competition we have ever had at the voting stage. The voting will open at 10pm on Thursday 5th October and will run until 11pm Thursday 30th November. We encourage all within the industry to get behind the NFAs and vote. Each one genuinely makes a difference, and every year there are categories that are decided literally by just one or two votes. Your participation is the single reason why we are able to crown the very best people and companies every year.

You will be able to vote in this year’s awards by following this link: you can also follow the awards on Twitter by following @NatFenAwards or go to our Facebook page: We hope that you will all take a minute to be part of the biggest NFA campaign yet and help reward some of our most hard working people and companies in our industry!

Jason Grafton -Holt Director


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