AmerCareRoyal - Food Storage Bags

Food Storage Bags

AmerCareRoyal’s high quality bags are ideal for all your food storage needs. From

Food Rotation Labels • Reduce the risk of foodborne illness and cross contamination from freezer to shelf • Mark when the food was prepared, when the food should be used by and when the food should be discarded • Support inventory control while saving time and money • Easy to use, universally color-coded and clear fields

High Density Food Storage Bags • High tensile strength that prevents rips and tears • Protects to keep food fresh • Clear bag for easy recognition of contents • Perfect to store almost any kind of food in freezers or refrigerator Low Density Food Storage Bags • Protects and keeps food fresh • Clear bag for easy recognition of contents • Variety of sizes makes our food storage bags great for proportioning

proportioning to storing to packaging, our line of high quality food bags make food storage easy. Offered in low-density and high-density polyethylene.

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