CHILXS050 Christmas bag Spread the joy of the winter holiday with the Christmas gift felt bag. The bag is made out of red felt material and is decorated with a funny Santa Claus belt that can be filled with sweets, gifts, or other decorations. The length of the handle is 280 mm. Size: 224 x 160 x 85 mm. Material: felt.

CHILXS051 Christmas bag A creative and charming Christmas bag that will help you carry the gifts. The bag is made out of a strong and nice in touch red felt and has a snowflake theme. The length of the handle is 320 mm. Size: 195 x 220 mm. Material: felt.

CHILXS052 Christmas bag Adorable winter holiday gift bags that are perfect for any accessory or Christmas parties. For a more wintry design, the product comes with a Christmas tree shape pendant near the handle. The bag is made out of a very soft, felt material. Size: 270 x 130 x 210 mm. Material: felt.

CHILXS053 Christmas bag We offer different thicknesses and colors of felt bags with Christmas decorations. It is an ideal gift you can give to your family or colleagues. Size: 38 x 42 cm. Material: felt.


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