CHILXS054 Christmas bag Cute, attractive and beautiful, this Christmas bag can make a wonderful gift. A perfect way to dress up holiday gifts, treats and also it will bring a unique touch to your home decor during Christmas. It is made out of soft plush material and has a moose face on the side. Size: 310 x 230 x 90 mm. Material: plush.

CHILXS055 Jute X-mas bag Holiday gift bags are perfect for wrapping all kinds of creative accessories like jewelry, candies, smaller clothing accessories, or gift cards. Because of its resistance, it can also be used as a grocery bag. The Christmas bag is made out of eco- friendly jute material. Size: 250 x 100 x 250 mm. Material: jute.

CHILXS056 Christmas sock Classic Christmas sock used for putting the gifts inside, big enough for all your stocking stuffing needs. Made of fleece, red body with a white cuff, it can be branded with the desired logo. It has a hanger, so it is easy to dress up your home and create a happy atmosphere. Size: 360 x 190 mm. Material: fleece.


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