Lewis-Goetz UpTimes, April 2016

April 2016

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Share of Wallet Process Flexion

Focusing our efforts on growing business with existing customers through our Share of Wallet initiative is important not only for the short term but in strengthening our partnerships and developing organizational processes that can be used on an ongoing basis. For that purpose, it’s important to ensure that those who engage with our customers are equipped with the right resources to prepare, visit and follow-up with these customers. This issue offers a checklist that you can use not only for Share of Wallet appointments but in growing sales in general. This checklist is a guide that can be used to help in understanding the customer, the tools and the resources that are available to continuously improve our selling process.

Safety Excellence Sales Strat Best Practices Sales Strat Contest Update

I am pleased to announce that we are seeing sales wins in our premium FLEXION™ hydraulic hose brand! The FLEXION™ hydraulic

hose team has worked diligently to develop tools such as product catalogs, cross reference charts, a crimper program and tools to communicate the advantages in the West and South Areas with plans to expand into Canada in the near future. Read the article to learn more about FLEXION™, the tools available, the successes we’ve seen and how you can get in on the action. Throughout 2015 and so far in 2016 most of our recordable injuries can be attributed to strains and sprains. Immediate action is needed to reduce injuries of this nature in our company. Please read, share, and post these proper lifting techniques throughout areas of your branch. Remember, the planning and preparation part of handling a heavy object is even more important than the execution of the actual act of lifting it. Lastly, utilizing entries from Sales Strat to show customers not only what we can do but how we’ve done it and the bottom line results of that implementation is just as important as putting entries into the system itself. I can’t think of anything more impactful than sharing a customer example that has impacted their bottom line or reduced downtime. These examples and ways to garner new ideas are right at your fingertips. When visiting a customer, I encourage you to hand over a Sales Strat example or case study every time. This will not only enhance your relationship with that customer but may lead to other business opportunities or solve a problem that they didn’t even realize they had. One of these examples is our March and quarterly Sales Strat contest winner who examined a problem, reviewed solutions and saved the customer downtime hours, change out labor, and costs of materials. Congratulations to this winner and I hope the process he used is something that can be copied if a similar customer issue is encountered in our organization.

Don Evans President and CEO




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