Service Plus AC & Heating - January 2019


ASK THE OWNER Hear From Jimmy Cayton on Business and Life

Q: How can others save on their power bill during winter?

had a ton of success, and I’m not going to go screaming if we don’t win a championship every year, but they are certainly my favorites to win.

A: It’s best to start with a heating season tune-up. Making sure your system operates at maximum efficiency is essential to keeping costs down. Another tip is to not to set the heat above 72 degrees, especially if it’s an electric heater. If a cold spell comes through the area, it’s not uncommon to see a bill upward of $350 from an electric system. We recommend keeping your heat set to 68–72 degrees. A: Man, I have to say, I have a place that’s a well-kept secret. Altamonte Springs has an Embassy Suites hotel, and in the hotel is a restaurant called Omaha Steakhouse. Every time I go there, I always get a great steak and the best food. It’s never overly busy, and you can always get a table. The service is good, and the steaks are amazing. Q: What’s the best restaurant you’ve been to recently?

Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever have happened to you on a job?

A: Oh boy. Well, I had a customer a few years back who just kind of froze up and couldn’t make it to his bed. I asked his wife if we should call 911, but she was insistent that he’d be fine if we could get him to the bed. He was an elderly gentleman, and I wanted to help, so I got underneath him and picked him up. I walked him over to his bed, and when I set him down, I looked on my side and saw wetness. He had urinated on me, so after the bill was paid, I assured them it wasn’t an issue and ran out to my truck. I took my shirt off, zipped over to my apartment, got a new shirt, and went about my day. It wasn’t a big deal, but that’s why I always carry a change of clothes with me everywhere I go. Stay tuned next month to learn all the unique tips and tricks from the team at Service Plus. Who knows, with it being a February edition, you might learn a little bit about love.

To grow closer with our clients and develop more meaningful relationships, we wanted to start a series this year called “Ask the Owner.” Each month, we’ll ask Jimmy Cayton, or someone at Service Plus AC & Heating, some questions on what’s going on in business and life. This January has some fun insights, and we’re really excited to share Jimmy’s responses. A: I’m not much of a personal resolution person, but we definitely have some business goals. We’re trying to grow in 2019 to serve more clients while keeping our community close. We’re excited to offer more air quality testing and also a new bidding system on our website that allows prospective clients to get real- time bids for their projects online. I think this will create a better experience for everyone we work with. Q: What are some of the business or personal goals you’ve set for 2019?

Q: Who is going to win the College Football Playoff?

A: Well, I might sound like a bit of a homer, but I have to say Bama. I’ll be happy with whatever the Crimson Tide do, because I’m not a picky fan. We’ve


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