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April 2019

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How Writing My Book Changed the Way I Approach My Goals

I’ve always thought of myself as a good writer. Growing up, I wanted to be either a writer or a professional baseball player, and if you’re reading this, you know neither one came to pass. About a year ago, an attorney friend of mine wrote a book about his law firm and how he approaches cases. I read it, and it was terribly boring — I sure didn’t tell him that, though. He explained to me that the book was an easy way to give a lot of legal information to his former clients. He sent them all a copy so that if they ever have a legal problem that’s covered in the book, they’ll have the information they need right at their fingertips. He challenged me to write a book of my own about my very specialized law practice. He said I couldn’t do it and he also taunted me in a rather insulting fashion — clearly a ploy to get me to accept the terms of his “duel.” So I started planning. It became a calendar item I dreaded. I pushed it off my to-do list day after day. reminding me of the friendly wager we’d made. That was just what I needed: a kick in the pants to get me going. The book would be all about Missouri auto accident law and only Missouri auto accident law, which is my law firm’s specialty. I chose this specific subject because my firm is the only one in Missouri that exclusively practices Missouri auto accident law. It’s pretty incredible to be the only firm of over 1,500 to focus solely on this branch of law. This singular focus has allowed us to stay current on all aspects of a small but ever-changing and challenging legal field. To be honest, I’m glad After about a month with very little progress, my friend called and asked how it was going,

I don’t handle other areas of law because it would be too much information to retain to stay current. Even seemingly small details can make a significant difference in a client’s case, so keeping track of all these nuances in multiple areas of the law would be extremely challenging. Once I found my focus, I started creating an outline, just like I was taught in grade school. However, this time it wasn’t for taking notes about ancient history; rather, it was an effort to become an author and a bona fide expert on a subject. Once the outline was complete, turning it into a book seemed an insurmountable task, and I realized I needed to know more about the process. I ordered a book about how to write a book. My goal seemed within reach. I followed the steps from the book, writing for 30 minutes a day for months, and each section gradually came together. The milestone of completing one chapter was a big deal for me, as I proved to myself that I could do something I had previously thought impossible.

The book may not be interesting to many, unless they’ve had an auto accident in Missouri that is. But if you’re in a crash, you’ll get many answers right away to put your mind at ease. Today, my book is being printed and is already on its way to me. I decided to write about it in this month’s newsletter to show that even when something seems impossible, it can be accomplished if you just progress a little every day. This process can help you make big improvements over time in all areas of your life. I approach all of my goals this way now and take small steps every day until I reach them. I challenge you to think of your life and what you want to improve. Write out a daily plan to reach your goal. It’ll take a while to see the results, but within a few months, you’ll notice you’re already making excellent headway. If you’d like a free copy of my book, you can contact us over the phone or through email. We’ll send you a free copy right away. Keep it handy in case you or a loved one are ever involved in a car accident. You can reach the office at 314-961- 5678, or email me at

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