Willow PT: How to Relieve Shoulder, Elbow & Wrist Pain


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For most families, winter/spring break brings with it celebrations, decorations,a tonof foodandawhole lotof fun.Butwhathappensduring the rest of the winter season? We understand that playing with toys can only go so far in keeping the kids entertained, so, to help you out, we’ve compiled a list of awesome, family-oriented activities that are specially designed to keep your days fun and active. 1. Enjoy the snow as a family. What better way to celebrate this season than to spend a little time outdoors in it? Rather than huddling in your nice, warm house, take some time to bundle up and enjoy the snow. Build a snowman, go sledding or have a family snowball fight. If you want to see the snow but not be in it, setting up a family nature walk is a great way to appreciate the beauty of winter. Spot different varieties of birds, collect leaves and twigs or take time to notice how things change with each season. The best part about being outdoors is you can always top it off with some nice hot chocolate and winter treats as a family. 2. Go ice skating. Onegreat thingabout living inAlaska is theaccessibility of awesome resources like the ice arenas. Take advantage of that by going ice skating as a family. Even the elderly can enjoy some time on the ice with a walker or other arena provided resources. 3. Craft it up. Keep the family activities free and fun with some at-home and do-it-yourself style craft projects that can be catered to family members of all ages. Frommaking paper snowflakes to indoor snowmen and edible snow, these tips and ideas are sure to provide hours of family fun with items you probably already have. Do you plan on being active this season with family, but are concerned about possible injuries occurring? Schedule an appointment with our physical therapists for a consultation on any risks or health conditions you may be concerned with. We’ll help you accomplish your active goals before the season ends! Kenner,Kari. “Top10WinterBreakActivities forFamilies:FunWays toKeepKidsBusyuntilSchoolStarts.”DailyHerald, 26 Feb. 2014, www.heraldextra.com/momclick/activities/top-winter-break-activities-for-families-fun-ways-to-keep/ article_b79c4fdc-7246-11e3-8a04-0019bb2963f4.html.

Brought me back to full function!

“Shoulder surgery brought me to complete dysfunction, and then Willow brought me back to full function again.” - Daniel G.

Relieve Shoulder Pain In Minutes Try this movement if you are experiencing shoulder pain.

SCAPULAR RETRACTION Stand tall, shoulders relaxed. Pull shoulder blades back and down. Don’t hunch your shoulders. Repeat seven times. Loosens Tight Shoulders




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