Cerebrum Summer 2020

roscience Adapts to the COVID WORLD BY BRENDA PATOINE ILLUSTRATION BY DANIEL HERTZBERG T HE STORIES FROM THE FRONT LINES OF NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH IN THE COVID-19 ERA read like a script of a frightening Netflix drama. Entire laboratories shutting down with 48 hours’ notice, researchers scrambling to finish experiments, freeze bio samples, preserve data. Painstakingly bred transgenic animal colonies reluctantly euthanized in university basements. Thousands of clinical trials halted overnight. Then came work-at-home, which for many meant a different kind of drama: balancing academic research with full-time parenting. Add in hiring freezes, funding uncertainties, reopening hurdles, safety protocols, and second-surge concerns, and you’ve got the makings of a principal investigator’s or postdoc’s worst nightmare.

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