The Leap of Faith  gŏđŏ

Pendleton United Church marks 125th


Two area women will take a “leap of faith” -- in a literal sense-- June 29. On that day, Dany Dias, of L’Orignal, and Janine Jalbert, of Vankleek Hill, will make their first skydiving jump at the Gatineau- Ottawa Airport in Gatineau, surrounded by their family members and friends. This, however, is not their first leap of faith, as both women explain that “the first one was by far the hardest – abandoning ev- erything to something so unknown, yet so freeing – “rendering our hearts to Je- sus.” They continue, “In a world that seems so dark and full of misery, there is hope. Being a Christian is certainly not for those who are faint of heart. It takes courage, patience and most of all, love.” Dias and Jalbert, who are both teach- ers, are reaching out to the community to


PENDLETON | Sunday, July 14, the congregations of Riceville- Pendleton United Church will be celebrating the 125 th Anni- versary of Pendleton United Church. The 10:30 a.m. celebration will take place at Pendleton United, 2080 Concession 10, with a Genesis Cooperative joint worship service led by Reverend Phyllis Dietrich. “The Anniversary Ser- vice will reflect upon our history, which dates back to the time of Confederation,” says stewardship representative Ray Lebeau. “We will remember and give thanks for the sacrifices made by the founding pioneers of Pendleton United. When the Church was being built between 1886 and 1888, without the use of the specialized heavy equipment that we have available to us to- day, there is no doubt that they must have experienced times of hardship and human toil. At the same time, because they were building a Church for themselves and future generations, we believe they overcame these difficult challenges with glad hearts.” Over the past 125 years, Pendleton United has been kept

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Janine Jalbert (left) and Dany Dias.

help them buy bicycles for missionaries. People can donate online at or by mail to: Gospel for Asia Vankleek Hill Baptist Church 156 Main St. East Vankleek Hill, Ontario K0B 1R0

APPLE HILL | “Let’s Make a Movie” is the theme of a summer youth camp that will be held this summer in Apple Hill. For more information on the camp of- fered by Gerald Swift, visit www.geralds- or call 613-527-2860. Director of Pilgrimage Artists Imagi- nation Studio near Apple Hill, Swift first became interested in film while he was in high school, where he was taught Su- per 8 animation. Later in university he acquired an animation camera, editing viewer and splicer and produced several animated shorts. During this period he also participated in a number of theatrical musicals and stage plays including Bye Bye Birdie, South Pacific, L’il Abner, Dark of the Moon and The Seven-Year Itch. In 1985 Swift formed the Motion Picture Arts Group, based in Cornwall, to pro- duce short movies in VHS format using local amateur talent. Acting and cinema- tography sessions were held at ArtSpace and the Bob Turner Centre. A grant was received from the Seaway Arts Council, and two short videos were produced and shown at St. Lawrence College in Corn- wall. He also helped to videotape the Cornwall Multicultural Festival for Cedar Rim Photography and volunteered to do camera operation at Cable 11 Television. For more information, contact Ray Leb- eau at 613-673-2125 or e-mail: raylebeau@ “Let’s Make a Movie “ strong by its distinguished history and proud tradition. More importantly, the congregations of Riceville-Pendleton have demonstrated a strong ability, for all gen- erations, to work in a true spirit of fellow- ship and cooperation. Following the service, everyone will be invited to a lunch / reception at the South Plantagenet Hall, 3210 County Road 9, Fournier. The Genesis Cooperative consists of United Churches from Cassburn, Hawkes- bury, Kirk Hill, Riceville-Pendleton and Trinity in Vankleek Hill.

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