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$9.31M refinancing loan for Bluffwalk Center paid off Denton Realty Co. facilitates restructure of hospitality complex

a more stable rate, property improvements or purchasing a commercial building, make sure you keep them focused on what they’re looking to accomplish. Sometimes a re- minder that this money will allow them to improve their financial situation or their business is all it takes to get your borrower to the closing table. • Provide them with some options. Sometimes, a bor- rower’s fear after being turned YNCHBURG, VA — A corporate restructur- ing and the closing of a $9.31 million refinancing loan for Bluffwalk Center, a bou- tique hospitality development in Lynchburg was announced by Denton Realty Co. , the hospitality and commercial real estate consulting and brokerage firm facilitating the restructure. Bluffwalk Center includes such award-winning venues as Craddock Terry Hotel, Waterstone Pizza and Shoe- makers American Grille.  L

Craddock Terry Hotel

continued from page 2A Don’t let alternative commercial mortgages scare your . . .

down by the bank simply stems from feeling like they don’t have any options. Do your best to provide themwith a few choices when it comes to rates and terms so that your borrower feels that they have more control over this decision. Being turned down by the bank is certainly a disappoint- ment for many commercial mortgage borrowers, but it doesn’t need to be scary. As their broker, you can help them through the process of obtaining alternative financ-

ing by keeping them informed about what to expect, empha- sizing the positives of the deals for which they qualify, keeping them focused on their goals, and providing a number of financing options. Do your best to give them peace of mine, and you’re likely to run into fewer challenges and close more deals. Emily Landgraf is the Social Media Coordinator at APEX Mortgage Corp. APEX is a direct commer- cial mortgage lender. 


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