Indications include- Surgical Wound Healing, Acute Infections, and prior to Surgery or Travel to boost Immune System & Auto-immune Conditions.



Decreases Oxidative and cell membrane damage caused by biological damage of free radicals. For indicated symptoms of decreased skin elasticity, thinning hair, decreased hormone production, slower wound healing, excessive weight gain, auto-immune diseases, skin conditions, Malnutrition/Malabsorption states, insufficient sleep quality, excessive exercise, food sensitivities, bloating, constipation, and congestion.

HEADSPACE “Brain Re - boot”


Tending to memory and cognitive functions, this brain-focused combination supports Cognitive function, higher functions of the nervous system, behavior, memory, and learning & assists in brain fog and fatigue.



An essential fatty acid with significant antioxidant properties assisting in conditions such as Diabetes/Insulin Resistance, Peripheral Neuropathy, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathies, Cataracts, Glaucoma, Alzheimer’s , and Stroke. (Dosing protocols for conditions will be decided upon with provider)


$175 (10ml) plus $20 per added 5ml with increasing dosing

Poly MVA is a uniquely formulated dietary supplement containing a proprietary blend of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex, sometimes referred to as LAMC. The bonding of alpha-lipoic acid to the mineral palladium co-factored with specific Vitamins: B1, B2, and B12, Minerals molybdenum and ruthenium, and Amino Acid formyl-methionine. This formulation is designed to provide energy, by supporting the electrical potential of cells and facilitating healthy metabolism within the cell. This powerhouse covers many conditions supportively including optimizing pet health! We offer the home dosing regimen to support you in between IV Boosts! This is a quick push dose without intravenous fluids. In et OUT! People take Poly-MVA for optimum health and maximum nutritional support. It is designed to increase energy, reduce occasional fatigue, help to enhance overall health and well-being, and provide nutritional support for those who may have nutrient depletion. For more info see:



The motherload of antioxidants that blasts thru oxidative stressors. It protects cells from free radical damage and helps improve cellular function at every level. With aging glutathione levels decrease and maintaining an adequate level is critical for wellness and aids in the recovery process. This is a quick IV Push dosing without fluids. IN et OUT!

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