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Welcome to players, parents, coaches and managers, referees, volunteers and sponsors to the Craig Foster International. It's with great pleasure to have this event named after me. I have long been a fan of Futsal. It's speed and technical aspect of the game is beneficial to our players both Futsal and the outdoor game. It's no secret the success of the South American countries at FIFA World Cup events is based on the players development through Futsal.

In Australia, I'm hoping the same development will assist us in gaining future Socceroo players along with Futsalroo players. Such is the beauty of football, players can choose which game they wish to pursue and succeed at National level.

I'd like to thank Joe Di Meglio, President of Brisbane Magic Futsal for his passion of the game and arranging this great event. I'd like to also thank Andrew Parkes from Gold Coast Futsal and Tanya Bond of Futsal Far North Coast for arranging teams to play in this tournament along with the referees and volunteers. Without your dedication the Craig Foster Futsal Challenge Cup would not happen.

I hope everyone has a great day and I wish all teams every success.

Yours in sport, Craig Foster


Craig Foster International Queensland Futsal League (e) (w) (p) 0438 636 971 (p) 0404 879 206

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