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Reconnecting with nature and family


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Springtime is here! Although I love the winter season and all the fun opportunities it brings, there is nothing like warm sunshine after cool rain showers. Back in March my family and I experienced the new life of spring in the great outdoors. During our spring break, we hit the road in a 24 foot RV with Austin (our oldest son) as our vacation planner extraordinaire and traveled across the Western US to see its natural beauty. Our main stop was McMinnville, Oregon, where we stayed at The Mattey House, my Aunt & Uncles’ bed and breakfast in the heart of wine country. We spent our time exploring the wonder of nature, visiting Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood, and Silver Falls State Park. The waterfalls were breathtaking, and even though we experienced some rain while we were there (it is Oregon, after all), it did not detract from the beauty of our surroundings. The next leg of our journey found us traveling down the

rugged Oregon coastline. The haystack rocks that jut out of the ocean are majestic in their own right. We braved the cold temps, rain and even sleet at times, to take in the beauty of it all. Our next stops were The Redwood forests of California and the incredible mountains of Yosemite National Park. It is hard to put into words the size of the trees and granite rocks that we discovered. It was a wonderful experience as we, as a family, were able to spend a week together (which is rare in this season of our lives), unplugged, off the grid, just reconnecting as a family.


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-Lee Sowerbutts


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