CRIME SCENE News in brief from the Cornwall Community Police Service

Upper Canada Village to hold celebration for young interpreters

Assault with weapon A Cornwall woman is accused of nearly striking an employee of a city store with a vehicle during a shoplifting incident last month. Christina Lafrance, 28, was arrested on Saturday in connection with a shoplifting incident at a Ninth Street store after she was detained by the store’s loss prevention officer. Further investigation revealed that on June 26, she attended a Brookdale Avenue store, removed property without making any attempt to pay for the items and fled the scene in a motor vehicle when she al- most struck a 35-year-old female em- ployee. She is charged with two counts of theft under $5,000, breach of a probation order, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and assault with a weapon. She was released to appear in court on Aug. 14. Criminal harassment A 41-year-old Cobourg man was ar- rested under an outstanding warrant Thursday, after it is alleged he continu- ously harassed his 41-year-old ex-wife last month. Police were contacted and an investiga- tion followed. The man turned himself into police and was chargedwith criminal harassment and held in custody until court the following day. His name was not released as it may iden- tify the victim in this incident. Arrested on warrants A 42-year-old Barrie man was arrested Thursday under three outstanding war- rants 19 months after missing two court dates. Cornwall police allege that Nicholas McKenna failed to attend court on Dec. 9, 2010 and Dec. 13, 2010. It was also alleged that on Nov. 30, 2010 he committed theft while bound by release conditions. He was charged after he turned himself into police Thursday. He was held in cus- tody until court the following day. Bad company A 16-year-old Cornwall youth was ar- rested Thursday, after he was caught in the company of another youth with whom he was ordered not to have con- tact. The youth was observed to be in breach the probation order by a member of the Cornwall Community Police Service Patrol Division. He was charged with three counts of breach of a probation order and released to an adult to appear in court on Aug. 23. The youth’s name was not released as per provision under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Non-contact order A 29-year-old Alexandria man was ar- rested last Wednesday, after it is alleged he contacted his 28-year-old ex-com- mon-law wife contrary to orders. It is alleged that on July 1 and 2 he had contact with his ex-common-law wife and on July 16 he attended her residence. He was bound at the time by a recogni- zance order not to communicate directly or indirectly with the woman and not to come within 50 metres of her place of residence, employment or any place at which she may be. He is charged with three counts of breach of a probation order and three counts of failing to comply with a recognizance. Wrong place, wrong time A 19-year-old Cornwall woman was ar- rested last Wednesday, after she was found in the company consorting with prohibited individuals outside of her curfew. The womanwas bound by a recognizance order not to associate or communicate di- rectly or indirectlywith certain individuals, not to attend at their place of residence ex- cept in the presence of a police officer for belongings and not to be away from her residence between the hours of 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. except unless she is with one of her parents. It is alleged that shortly before 11:30 p.m. last Wednesday, she was found to be in the residence of the individuals with whom she was prohibited contact. She was charged with four counts of fail to comply with recognizance order and outstanding warrants. Electronics stolen Cornwall police are investigating a break and enter at a Lefebvre Avenue home last Wednesday during which a number of electronic items were stolen. Suspect(s) gained entry and removed a 32-inch flat-screen Hisense television, a black desktop computer tower and flat screen monitor, a Playstation 3, one con- troller and a black HP laptop computer. Anyone with information regarding the break and enter is asked to contact Corn- wall police at 613-932-2110 or Crime Stop- pers at 613-937-8477. Letter of the law A 31-year-old Cornwall man was charged on July 16, after he was ac- cused of sending a letter to his 27-year- old girlfriend in spite of an ordering prohibiting communication with the woman. He was bound by a non-communication order with the conditions to abstain from communicating directly or indirectly with his girlfriend. He is charged with failing to comply with a non-communication order. He was held in custody until court later that day.

some of the names and addresses as they have changed over the years. Would you assist us, please, by letting your Young Interpreter readers know that they can go to the UCV website, specifically

To the editor:

The Young Interpreter Programme at Upper Canada Village is enjoying its thir- tieth season.

Created in 1982, the pro- gramme offers an opportu- nity for 10-15-year-olds to interpret the life of 19th cen- tury children by being in- volved in demonstrations, role-playing and interpreta- tion of 19th century social history.

The Games People Played, to discover a contact and infor- mation about the celebration. By any chance, were you a Young Interpreter? Do you know someone who was? Thank you very much for helping us to spread the word.

Every Young Inter- preter from the past 30 years is welcome, but we are unsure of some of the names and addresses ...

We wish to honour the 30 year success of this wholesome, local programme by hav- ing a celebration the weekend of July 28th and 29th. Every Young Interpreter from the past 30 years is welcome, but we are unsure of

Gabriele Thomas , Supervisor, Upper Canada Village Nancy Dixon, Children’s Education Programmer, Upper Canada Village

Tories turning backs on science?

in our water. They killed the mandatory long form cen- sus, depriving us of a clear picture and un- derstanding of the circumstances that Canadians face in their daily lives. Scores of federal scientists will no longer be monitoring and reporting to us about the environment that our children and grand- children will have to live in. I believe that to make good decisions you need good data. Yet Mr. Lauzon and the Conservatives are eroding that data, bit by bit. It leaves our government flying blind— and dangerously ill-equipped to protect the health and safety of Canadians.

To the editor:

This month scientists from all across Canada held a funeral march on Parlia- ment Hill for the “death of evidence.” They were protesting how MP Guy Lau- zon and his Conservative government are ignoring evidence in policy-making, cutting off funding to vital research and preventing government scientists from presenting evi- dence to the public. This normally reserved group was moved to noisy protest by a set of decisions of the Conservative government that shows disre- gard for the hard work that our scientists do to generate knowledge for the benefit of Canadians. The Conservatives are eliminating the Ex- perimental Lakes Area, which we have used for 40 years to protect us from poisons

Ted Hsu, MP Science and Technology Critic for the Liberal Party of Canada

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