Holy Week Devotional Booklet

The King and His Kingdom The Message of Matthew

Series Overview Ask a random group of people why anyone should take Jesus Christ seriously today and the answer might be, "I don't know… why should I?" That was the question that motivated the Gospel of Matthew to be written. Who Jesus is, what he taught, what he did, how he died, and that He rose, has moved many to take him seriously. The message of Matthew is that he is a king to be followed, for all people, of all nations, for all times. Join us this year as we consider the message of the Gospel of Matthew. What does it mean for us if Jesus is still King in 2021? How would you live if he was your king? Booklet #1 – Series 1-3 Series 1 – The Kingdom Begins: Setting Our Expectations September 11-12 to 25-26, Matthew Overview & Chapters 3-4 Series 2 – Kingdom Culture: Living Like Jesus is King October 2-3 to 16-17, Matthew Chapters 5-7 Series 3 – The Kingdom Expands: Establishing His Power and Authority October 23-24 to November 27-28, Matthew Chapters 8-13 Booklet #2 – Series 4-5 Series 4 – Christmas in the Kingdom: The Origin Story of Jesus the King December 4-5 to 25-26, Matthew Chapters 1-2

Series 5 – Kingdom Clarity: Managing our Expectations January 2 to 23, Matthew Chapters 13-17

Booklet #3 – Series 6-7 Series 6 – Kingdom Community: A New Approach to Life Together January 30 to February 20, Matthew Chapters 18-20 Series 7 – Kingdom Authority: Confronting the Status Quo February 27 to April 3, Matthew Chapters 20-25

Booklet #4 – Series 8 Series 8 – Kingdom Love: The King Shows His Love Holy Week April 10 to 24, Matthew Chapters 26-28

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