Holy Week Devotional Booklet

The King and His Kingdom The Message of Matthew

Consider 1. The Gospel of Matthew ends with this final appearance, words, and instructions from Jesus.

2. Why do you suppose some still doubted in verse 17?

3. How might Jesus’ statement in verse 18 fill you with hope?

4. Faith is often described as a personal relationship with Jesus. While that may be true, how do Jesus’ instructions in verses 19-20 compel us to make sure that our faith does not remain private?

5. How did you first hear about Jesus? When did you begin your relationship with Him?

6. It is often helpful to write down the names of people that are in your midst that need Jesus, so you can refer to this list and regularly pray for the people on it. Who is in your life right now that needs to see your faith in Jesus and receive His mercy and grace?

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