Is It Back Pain Or Sciatica?

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“Why Are You Waiting For Your Pain To Get Worse Before Seeking Treatment? ” Is It Back Pain Or Sciatica?

Low back degenerative disc disease develops when the discs between your spine weaken (often due to repetitive strain), are injured or shrink from aging. As a result, the discs are unable to hold normal spacing and therefore, collapse increasing instability, causing back pain. Physical therapist intervention includes strengthening of core muscle groups, including the abdominal wall, which has positive effects on people with this condition. Exercise and hands on therapy have been shown to alleviate pain in many people. In addition, education on how to protect your spine and remain active is beneficial. Our physical therapists are trained to identify your problem and plan out the most effective treatment for you. Along with building your core muscle groups, hands-on physical therapy to move your spine has shown to be very effective. Our physical therapists develop a safe and effective treatment program that is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Surgery should always be the last option, but too often people think of surgery as a cure all and are eager to embark on it without knowing the long term risks. Receiving care from our knowledgeable and licensed physical therapists first, can improve your odds that you can quickly reduce your pain and maintain your quality of life. Call us today to learn more!

“ Back pain accounts for 10 percent of primary care physician visits and $86 billion in annual healthcare spending.” DID YOU KNOW?... - Spine, September 2009

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