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The design consultants at the KOHLER ® Signature Store will work with your clients to pick the perfect products, colors, materials, finishes, and technologies that will have your designs bursting with joy.

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On the cover: Abstra by Ann Sacks 04 RAWMATERIALS New designs for kitchen and bath. 08 MEETTHE DESIGNER Paul Gassert, Eatontown Ann Sacks’ New Abstra collection is a study in avant garde. 14 LETTHERE BE LIGHT Kohler’s new lighting options add brilliance. 10 EMBRACING THEABSTRACT


Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse in Dallas

Kohler’s Pinna


Paletta by Laura Kirar

Maxstow Lighted Medicine Cabinet



Kallista’s Klyne collection showcases an interplay of geometric forms and mixed metals. The boutique collection features a range of bathing and showering products and complementary accessories. Klyne is distinctive in its elemental details but also complements other modern designs.

Robern’s Craft Series is a collection of vanities, linen cabinets and decorative mirrors that draw inspiration from 19th and 20th- century design motifs. The Arch metal mirror

is shown here in brushed pewter.

The Robern Uplift Tech cabinet collection delivers unobstructed views—creatively incorporating vertical opening, no-swing doors, and allows the user to adjust the lighting to fit daytime or evening settings with remarkable accuracy and precision.

4 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


With an abstract textural pattern and palette of finish possibilities, the Pinna Paletta collection by Laura Kirar for Kallista marries tactile details with sculptural forms.

Kohler’s Avoir one-piece, elongated, tankless toilet has a minimalist design for modern baths. The Comfort Height seating and one-touch flushing makes it easy and comfortable to use.

The freestanding Klyne tub filler from Kallista comes in a varitey of finishes, including Chrome, Nickel Silver, and Matte Black.

KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m



Kohler partnered with celebrated artist Janet Echelman to create a new member of the Artist Editions family of sinks: 18.02. Echelman . These buoyant aerial sculptures have elevated urban environments around the world and were inspired by the fundamental structure of water. Echelman chose the name to represent the two hydrogen electrons and eight oxygen electrons that make up a water molecule.

Kohler’s Statement showering

collection brings a range of unique shapes and sizes to the shower. An oblong showerhead results in more enveloping water coverage, and six immersive spray experiences include a deep massage spray— that knead sore muscles—and a cloud spray that swathes the body in a warm mist. composed of twisting jets

Crafted from premium metal for unrivaled durability and resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, the Tone faucet collection from Kohler delivers a fresh take on midcentury modern style.

Kohler’s Riff bath collection is inspired by the grandeur of French Creole and Spanish Colonial architecture in New Orleans and the American South. Its angular shape and bold detailing make a memorable statement.

6 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m

PINNA PALETTA GET THE LOOK Every space is an open canvas waiting for the perfect touch. With an abstract textural pattern and palette of finish possibilities, the Pinna Paletta collection by Laura Kirar gives users that touch.


How do you unwind when you’re feeling stressed out? Among other odd habits, I collect vintage sea-life postcards and lithographs. Can you share a trend or something going on in the world of design that fascinates you? YouTube’s “Archipro” channel. I love Australian and New Zealand architects’ cutting-edge use of concrete, wood and steel in house design. (Their dramatic mountains, rolling hills and water views help, too.) Is there an iconic building or space where you’d like to try living; what about it do you imagine you’d enjoy most? A converted dairy barn beside an ocean inlet sounds good to me. Rustic, simple, hardy, and peaceful. Got milk? How would you describe your closest friend — and what does your friendship say about you? Honest, clever, worldly, compassionate, quick-witted, loyal, unpretentious, and spirited. I strive for the same traits! ■

Is there a TV show or movie with design that you love? Diane Keaton’s beach house in the film Something’s Gotta Give. Can you share a design problem you encountered and how you solved it? A young couple expecting a ten- million-dollar house but with a one point five million dollar budget. I was the liaison between the builder and client for over a year: a true test of my diplomacy, negotiation, counseling skills and patience. If you were a color, what color would you be — and why? Simple: Ralph Lauren “Anchor Blue.” I love the beach, ocean, sun, and water sports. What type of design project do you find yourself working on most? Is there a different kind you’d like to do more of? I’m largely focused on bathroom and kitchen projects. However, I prefer the whole enchilada, meaning helping people with all their house exterior and interior finish choices. I’m good at envisioning and apparently creating those “Aha!” moments for clients.


How would you describe your personal design style? Classic, coastal, clean and quirky. I like authentic design that stands the test of time—like a great pair of blue jeans. Who inspires you? Adept architects—like Robert Stern and other architects—who now im- plement sustainable, net-zero house design and construction. We need it—STAT. Can you describe a favorite design project you’ve worked on? A Vermont mountain ski house—which felt more like an inspired Christmas tree house—with amazing views.


8 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


Vanities, Linen Cabinets, and Mirrors

robern .com/craf t-ser ies contactus@robern .com 800-877-2376




Marigold Matte


A s the adage goes, everything old is new again, especially in the world of design and sustainability. Marrying nearly 100 percent recycled waste materials with a vision of bespoke tiles for residential and commercial installations, the new Abstra Collection from Ann Sacks leads the charge to create sustainable products for the home. Imitating the appearance of carved or sculpted clay, the collection is divided into two themes: Abstra Feature, defined by a series of abstract patterned tile with raised, relief patterns, and Abstra Standard, a bare field tile with undulating surface detail. Describing the collection as a “feast for the senses,” the convergence of varying textures, layers and organic patterns truly engages on both visual and tactile levels. “A bstra has a fluidity that is continuous, yet ever- changing in its contrasting surface details,” says Dana Morales, senior designer at Kohler Co. “There are the raised and relief patterns, multiple geometric shapes, a soft matte color palette based in nature and subtle surface undulation that create complexity and depth.” Even more impressive is the method of construc- tion. The WasteLAB pioneered a brand-new way to leverage wastewater from Kohler’s Wisconsin pottery for Abstra’s tile body. The material, mostly pottery waste clay and glaze, was dewatered and refined to create a sturdy base material. ■

A feature wall in Ash Matte adds texture to any environment.

10 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m

A feature wall in Storm Matte. LEFT: Field tile in Ash Matte.

Field tile in Sage Matte.

Velvet Matte

Abstra can be mixed and matched to create abstract patterns.

KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m



Available at ’

Emulating the unique elegance of pearl drop earrings, Kraga compact lighting designs feature translucent, globular glasses gracefully suspended from arced metals. With a nod to iconic Italian designers, Kraga collection pieces deliver an elevated modern aesthetic, as artistic as it is versatile, fit to showcase throughout your entire home.


I nterior lighting is one of the most import- ant, yet often underappreciated, design aspects of any room or living space—even more so than furniture, backsplashes or color palettes. With the flick of a switch, illumination can change not only the mood of a room but also the perceived size of any given space. While selecting the correct lighting, both aesthetically and functionally, can be a tricky task, Kohler’s incredible range of styles, illumina- tion levels and categories of lighting have done all the hard work, so you can just enjoy the hazy glow or bright brilliance of your choices. NEW LIGHTING OPTIONS ADD BRILLIANCE TO ANY D É COR. T E X T KAITLIN CLARK

With the Tresdoux lighting series, Kohler Lighting puts a modern spin on the grand glamour of the 1930s, using warm glass, burnished metal and ribbed design elements.

Inspired by historic British equestrian design and its confluence of leathers, textiles, wrought iron and glass work, this Terret five-light chandelier embodies the aristocratic countryside with polished nickel, brushed modern brass and brushed bronze finishes.

14 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m

Bellera’s thirteen-light chandelier displays the collection’s more contemporary edge, with a stunning metalworks frame encircled by twelve metal candelabra-style arms fitted with clear glass orbs to cast a soft, gorgeous light.

With the debut of the Bellera collection, Kohler Lighting introduces luxe Parisian sophistication and sculptural forms of the Belle Epoque.

The elongated bath bar from the new Terret collection is a sentimental homage to the industrial lanterns used in the English countryside to illuminate barns and stables.

Kraga , Kohler’s new range of sculptural and geometric forms, are deliberately bare to highlight the simple beauty of shape, functionality, and hand-selected materials.

KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


The Purist Lighting Collection adopts simple, classic silhouettes of sleek metal framing paired with crystal clear glass shades for a timeless aesthetic.

This One-Light Sconce from the Tresdoux collection features a detailed half- moon ribbed metal wall plate base with a single arm raising a thin candle holder fitted

The Terret one-light sconce reflects the classical charm of the fire- emblazed lamps which hung from the posh manors and stables of the British nobility.

with a creamy opaque, ribbed shade.

16 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m

Occasion’s three-light pendant is a dazzling display of vintage decadence as a faceted metal base melts into circles of fluted glass shades that glimmer just as much as they illuminate.

This four-light pendant from the Purist line is a modernist’s dream, with a strong, clean line descending into a smooth, shiny metal base of matte black wrapped in glass.

Recalling the allure of Old Hollywood, this two-light sconce, swathed in a pitch-black mount and brass trim, is a striking stand- out from the Occasion line.

The domed, clear glass shades and mixed-metal trumpet bases of the two-light sconce from the Tone collection, infuse warmth into traditional minimalist midcentury modern design.

KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


How do you light up a windowless room? Bruce and Mike Yates of Yates Desygn achieved it by channeling the shadowy cool of Prohibition-era speakeasies in shaping this basement kitchen and living room combo. The kitchen boasts a cantilevered island with a voice-activated faucet from Kohler ; the statement wallcovering is suede.

18 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


A s Manhattan neighborhoods go, Kips Bay Decorator Show House. The tradition began in 1973 as a way to raise funds for after school and enrichment programs for NYC kids. Not only did this tradition of transforming a home into a designer’s wonderland survive, it thrived, expanding first to Palm Springs and then to Dallas, where the city slo- gan is “Big Things Happen Here.” The Kips Bay Decorator Show House Dallas team clearly took that to heart as they hosted their second iteration, massively transforming a neo-Georgian mansion in Dallas’ Old Preston Hollow and welcoming visitors in person and via virtual tours. Decorated areas included both indoor doesn’t call to mind vivid urban scenes like Little Italy or Chinatown. But this small square of the island’s east side has claims to fame— including the singular legacy of the Kips Bay T E X T PAUL HAGEN

BELOW: Gil Melott of Studio 6F opened up this kitchen by removing a butler’s pantry and installing a swathe of windows. Fixtures by Kohler . RIGHT: Meanwhile, Brant McFarlain reinvented this bathing “Sanctuary” with features such as private water closet entrances and a vanity and faucets by Kohler .

20 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m

KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


Clockwise from top: John William Bobbit gave the home’s entryway mythological flair. Ken Fulk put the O in opulence with his resplendent, golden den. Kathleen Walsh delighted in stocking this laundry with WiFi-enabled appliances and custom flooring. Faucet by Kohler .

and outdoor rooms—from meditative spaces where one might seek respite to lounges ready to welcome life-of-the-party people. On the relaxed end, an easy-yet-elevated laundry proved an enviable spot to sort and fold. More ornate entries included a mind-bending den that took visitors on a tour through the heavens. The house boasted work by inspiring design minds and furnishings from the industry’s top brands—including Kohler. In all, 26 designers descended upon Dallas to transform moodboards and motivation into a majorly decked out mansion. And, as with the Kips Bay original, the proceeds will benefit amazing causes. These include The Crystal Charity Ball of Dallas, Dwell with Dignity of Dallas, and—of course—the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club of New York. ■

22 KOHLER Signature Store by GPS www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


Dennis Brackeen brought life into a forgotten closet, transforming it into this wild wet bar—complete with a Components Tall Single Handle Faucet by Kohler .

KOHLER Signature Store by GPS

www. KO H L E R b y G P S . c o m


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