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MARCH 2020


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We offer so much more than “basic” physical therapy services because we’re dedicated to helping people live pain-free and physically fulfilling lives. Sometimes, that involves a lot of hard work through therapy. Other times, it means providing a little education and some quick reminders. This spring, focus on making the right choices for you by also being aware of any bad habits. Here are just a few that are often overlooked but can lead to serious conditions. When it comes to driving , most people are quick to adjust their seat. But it’s more important to correctly position your headrest. Not only will it protect your neck from whiplash should you be involved in a crash, but also, without its support, your neck suffers stress while driving. Adjust your headrest so the bulk of it is directly behind your head at ear level to keep your spine straight. Sleeping positions can seriously affect the way your body feels over time. Sleeping on your stomach impairs the natural curve of your neck and back. If you sleep on your side, twisting and crossing your legs affects your back and hips. Opt instead for sleeping on your back, and place a pillow under your thighs for extra comfort. Flexing your neck downward while texting on your phone puts increased force on your neck, which can lead to

Spring begins on March 19, and it’s such a wonderful season because it gives us so much opportunity to refocus our lives on the important things. The world wakes up again after a long winter, and we can all use this changing of seasons to wise up about what’s important in our own lives. For many of us, that’s keeping up with our health, and we at Liberty Rehab Specialists are here to help. refocusing on your health is to listen to what your body is telling you. Just as you would eat if you felt your stomach growling, you need to treat pain if your body is feeling it. At our practice, we have a variety of ways we can help you address all types of pain, from your neck down to your feet. But we don’t want you to forget that we offer so much more: • If you’ve recently had surgery that affects mobility, pain, or stiffness, members of our team are specifically trained to aid with your post-op care and rehabilitation. specialists can help you target pain in your upper limbs or help you restore lost function. • A vestibular rehab specialist can assist you with your symptoms of dizziness or imbalance. • If you suffer from symptoms of lymphedema, our specialists can help treat them. • Our certified hand therapy The most important thing to remember when it comes to

changes in vertebrae and degeneration of your muscles and discs. It’s become so prevalent that it has its own name: text neck. Try keeping your phone at eye level when you text. Listen to your body, give it the care it needs, and address bad habits. Spring can be off to a great start! Take it from one of our patients: “My left shoulder was hurting so much that I couldn’t carry a coffee cup. Physical therapy was difficult, but it paid off. Every visit, I had continued success. It’s amazing how much therapy has helped. Within weeks, I’ve become stronger, more conscious of my posture, and the pain is gone. I have strength back in my shoulder, and I’m feeling great. Life is good.”

–P. Balser

We want to help you feel like life is good, too! Contact our office today so we can get started.

–Mary Lou Lugo


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