KSR Equipment - September-October 2018


805 E. Howard St. Pontiac, IL 61764 815-842-1149 Pontiac

29987 N. 300 East Rd. Streator, IL 61364 815-673-4320 Streator

1501 5th St. Lacon, IL 61540 309-246-2645 Lacon


John Kelly Partner & Sales 40 Years

Tim Kelly Partner & Service 39 Years

Paul Kelly Partner & Sales 6 Years

Kaye Kilmer Accountant 34 Years

Marsha Weber Accountant 13 Years

Jackie Trachsel Marketing Manager 7 Years

Leslie Babbs Summer Intern

Kyle Bachman Sales 3 Years

Kevin Yoder Sales 1 Year

Ryan Myers Integrated Solutions 9 Years

Joe Gaspardo Parts Manager 20 Years

Brad Smith Parts 21 Years

Ryan Kelly Parts 4 Years

John Wargo Part-Time Help 14 Years

Kurt Swenson Parts Courier 8 Years

Jerry Kaisner Service Manager 34 Years

Mary Kelly Service Writer 27 Years

Don Kaisner Delivery Driver 29 Years

Scott Bressner Service 9 Years

Alex Eggenberger Service 11 Years

Corey Eggenberger Service 4 Years

Kenny Gallup Service 46 Years

Michael Graf Service 10 Years

Mike Harner Service 10 Years

Todd Henkel Service 25 Years

CJ Kaisner Service 16 Years

Andrew Talty Service 8 Years

Ben Wiechmann Service 11 Years

Eric Von Qualen Service Joined in ‘18

Garrett Ruddy Part-Time Student Joined in ‘18

Kaden Swanberg Part-Time Student Joined in ‘18

September-October 2018

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Dan Cassady Sales & Integrated Solutions - 10 Years

Ed Sauder Partner & Sales 46 Years

Zack Sauder Partner & Sales 18 Years

Cheryl Murphy Accountant 18 Years

Rich Haar Sales 30 Years

Dawn Reardon Parts Manager 18 Years

Laura Hays Parts 6 Years

Andy Piccatto Parts 9 Years

Chris McMahan Service Manager 1 Year

Cheryl McMichael Service Writer 9 Years

John Bane Service 9 Years

Jaden Durbin Service 1 Year

Bob Erickson Service 25 Years

Steve Fulton Service 22 Years

Billie Kimmell Service Joined in ‘18

Josh McMichael Service Joined in ‘18

Justin Shide Service 12 Years

Adam Snow Service 14 Years

Andy Snow Service Joined in ‘18

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Matt Aeschleman Partner & Sales 32 Years

Chris Rupiper Partner & Integrated Solutions - 18 Years

Kelly Adolphson Accountant 10 Years

Denise McMahan Accountant 5 Years

David Elliott IT Manager 1 Year

Kevin Hattan Sales 10 Years

Blake Newell Sales 11 Years

Lane Johnson Sales 1 Year

Ryan Brooks Integrated Solutions 11 Years

Jason Dewalt Agronomist 1 Year

Sam Knecht Parts Manager 28 Years

Tim Bogner Parts 18 Years

Laura Schoepke Parts 29 Years

Daryel Petersen Service Manager 37 Years

Michael Whittaker Service Writer 6 Years

Wes Hartz Service 14 Years

Delbert Jason Service 29 Years

Dillan Jesse Service 4 Years

Loren Hartz Service 17 Years

Clayton Kieser Service 3 Years

Adam Schaer Service 21 Years

Jason Scherer Service 22 Years

Jason Loudenberg Service 10 Years

Michael Mathis Service 44 Years

Marcus Schoon Service 7 Years

Cody Schupp Service 7 Years

Reed Aeschleman Part-Time Help 3 Years

Nathon Scheirer Delivery Driver 5 Years

Jacob Rupiper Part-Time Help Joined in ‘18

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805 E. Howard St. Pontiac, IL 61764

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Streator Employees


Lacon Employees


A Thank-You to the Entire KSR Team



Celebrating Our Awesome Team

John Deere equipment — we build relationships with our customers that last years and decades, a legacy passed from generation to generation. With that in mind, we’d like to extend a sincere thank-you to everyone at KSR Equipment. You’re truly a remarkable group of people, and we couldn’t have gotten where we are today without you. –KSR Partners Ed, John, Tim, Matt, Zack, Chris, & Paul

Over the past few months, you’ve heard about a few of the many experienced, talented, and friendly members of the KSR Equipment team. But honestly, when you’ve been in business as long as we have, with three locations and dozens of employees, there are just too many fantastic people to thank! Whether they’ve been with KSR Equipment for three months or 30 years, every single person in our close-knit organization is a vital part of what makes this company possible. It’s the sheer dedication and service-minded approach of our employees that has established us as a business that does more than just sell

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