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DID YOU SEE IT? 3 of Hollywood’s Best Movie Easter Eggs This April, many kids will search excitedly for Easter eggs, but aside from the holiday treat, the term “Easter egg” has a fun alternate meaning when it comes to media. In this context, an Easter egg refers to a hidden surprise or message, and people often enjoy trying to find as many as they can. This spring, turn on some of these classic movies and see if you can spot a few of Hollywood’s Easter eggs yourself. DISNEY ROYALTY’S FAMILY TREE At the beginning of Disney’s “Frozen,” released in 2013, Elsa and Anna’s parents leave to journey across the ocean. Their destination is unknown, and sadly, a treacherous storm sinks their ship. Three years later, their eldest daughter, Elsa, is coronated, and guests arrive at the castle. If viewers scan the crowd of visitors, they will see Flynn and Rapunzel from the 2010 Disney movie “Tangled.” (Notice the time difference?) The theory, confirmed by filmmakers, is that Elsa and Anna’s parents were traveling to Flynn and Rapunzel’s wedding. The connections continue with claims that the shipwreck in “The Little Mermaid” was their ship, and some even think that Tarzan’s parents were actually Anna and Elsa’s parents, who survived the wreck. FRANK ABAGNALE ARRESTING ‘HIMSELF’ At 15 years old, Frank Abagnale Jr. started his career as one of the U.S.’s most prolific con artists. Abagnale scammed the government out of money, impersonated pilots and doctors, and swindled banks, making his story seem like a Hollywood plot. In 2002, “Catch Me If You Can,” starring Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, created just that. The movie follows the life of Abagnale, who briefly appears in the movie himself to arrest DiCaprio, who plays a young Abagnale. Today, Abagnale serves as a security consultant and teaches courses for the FBI. INDIANA JONES AND HAN SOLO TEAMING UP No movie franchises are as prolific as George Lucas’ “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones,” but they also share another Hollywood connection. Both series feature Harrison Ford, who plays Indiana Jones and Han Solo, and the franchises make references to each other, including hieroglyphics in “Indiana Jones” that feature R2-D2, C-3PO, and Princess Leia, as well as a club named Club Obi Wan. Though “The Empire Strikes Back” was filmed before “Indiana Jones,” Lucas had Ford in mind for his next great story and gave Han Solo a bullwhip in reference to Indy’s famous go-to tool.

Over the last month, many of us have found ourselves somewhat unexpectedly homebound. While there’s a lot out of our control (and really, this is true at any time), the way we react to situations and the way we choose to spend our time is still largely up to us. Here are a few activities you can begin to incorporate into your new normal to help you stay healthy, well, and mentally sharp through this time. MEDITATE Now more than ever, incorporating mindfulness into your day can make a world of difference. Mindfulness teaches you to live in the present moment and observe thoughts and feelings rather than letting them overwhelm you. EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT

This month, we’re excited to turn the spotlight to our amazing team member, Faith. Faith handles medical requests for our clients and helps us get the crucial information we need to move forward with cases. As she sums up her role, “I help get all of the documents put together that tell the story of what happened.”

For Faith, this is the part of her work that she enjoys the most. “I enjoy putting the story together and seeing the process from start to finish,” Faith

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