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Campaign highlights

The past few months around the globe with Zonic PR…

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Versa Networks is the innovator of Secure Cloud IP

architecture, a next-generation software platform that

delivers integrated cloud, networking and security

services. Versa's visionary solution, with an unrivalled

depth of features and capabilities, enables enterprises

to transition off of legacy WANs to achieve business

agility, branch modernization and TCO advantages. The

company has transacted over 150,000 software

licenses through service providers, partners and

enterprises globally. Versa Networks is privately held

and funded by Sequoia Capital, Mayfield, Artis

Ventures, Verizon Ventures, Comcast Ventures and

Liberty Global Ventures.

Versa Networks – building momentum in 2019 2019 has been a year of immense success for Versa Networks and Zonic has been behind Versa every step of the way. Versa Networks, innovator of the Secure Cloud IP software platform, has reached several goals including 200,000 software licenses sold, 1,000+ enterprise customers, and 100+ total Service Provider partners; in addition to winning several industry awards and generating significant industry momentum with strategic partnerships ranging from Riverbed to Azure to AWS. 2019 began with a series of briefings with key UK media including Light Reading, Capacity Magazine, IT PRO and SC Magazine UK – supported by thought leadership articles and partner announcements. Coverage in top tier media has been of a very high standard. The main focus for all media coverage was making sure the industry know Versa as the only SD-WAN provider which provides inbuilt, highly sophisticated security into its software solution.

5G – putting Versa on the map

Another important market for Versa Networks is 5G. A thought leadership article from Versa CEO, Kelly Ahuja, written by one of Zonic’s excellent technical writer ensured Versa Networks was well and truly on the map when it came to enterprises choosing an SD-WAN vendor. The article ‘How SD-WAN changes the game for 5G’ received widespread coverage with media in Versa’s target countries of the UK and France.

EMEA IT Spotlight Barcelona, Spain May 9th & 10th, 2019

Zonic Group pitched the acceleration of partnerships and interest in Versa Networks across Europe to the EMEA press and analysts at the NetEvents IT Spotlight in Barcelona, with a series of briefings with 35+ press and analysts representing 12+ countries, over 2 days. Upon Zonic’s recommendation Versa Networks led with the Nuvias partnership announcement for the EMEA market: “Versa Networks partners with Nuvias to offer Secure Cloud IP Software Solutions across Europe” .

Atchinson Frazer, Worldwide Head of Marketing, took part in the conference debate sessions: “5G—Forget the Hype: Its Time to Explore What’s Happening Today” and “Enterprise Security Considerations for the Cloud—Containers, Perimeters, And Access Controls”

Example of Versa Networks media briefing schedule

Documentary: Enterprise Security Considerations for the

Cloud – Containers, Perimeters, and Access Controls

Sample coverage from NetEvents Barcelona…..

Building the partner stack

Versa has maintained and accelerated momentum with global partners throughout 2019. Ranging from channel partners Axians and Nuvias, service providers such as Turkcell, Bouygues Telecom, Virgin Business and Bringcom and strategic partners ranging from Riverbed to Azure to AWS.

Global IT Summit “Innovators in Cloud/Datacenter, AI, CyberSecurity, IoT, 5G & Mobile Technologies”

San Jose, California October 3rd & 4th, 2019

Zonic Group pitched the immense momentum of Versa Networks to the press and analysts at NetEvents San Jose, with a series of briefings to 60+ press and analysts over 2 days.

During NetEvents Global IT Summit 2019 Kelly Ahuja took part in the following debate sessions: Conference Debate Session III– 5G in the North American Market: Trails, Misdirection, and Incompatible Technology Introduced and chaired by Dave Bolan, Core Industry Analyst, Dell’Oro Group. Conference Debate Session V—Wide Area Networking: As the Technology and Players Mature, What’s Happening with SD-WAN and MPLS? Introduced and chaired by Erin Dunne, Director of Research Services, Vertical Systems Group. Conference Debate Session VI—Rapidly Evolving Trends in Cloud Networking Security and Cloud Native Security . Introduced and chaired by Scott Raynovich, Principal Analyst Futuriom. The news was Versa Networks Announces Major Success Milestones: 200K VNF Software Licenses, 1,000 Enterprise Customers, 100 Service Provider Partners’. Zonic also pitched two thought leadership articles to the presenting Security as the Differentiator for SD-WAN. A podcast interview with Forbes Magazine was conducted focussing on this topic and will be published in the New Year.

Example of Versa Networks media briefing schedule

Sample coverage so far from NetEvents San Jose…..

Zonic accelerates Versa’s exposure in US Media

In November 2019 the Zonic PR contract was extended to include a few days covering US media - a true testament to the great work well underway in Europe . I n the first month of Zonic undertaking Versa US PR Zonic were successful in organising 7 briefings and videos for Versa Founder Kumar Mehta with top tier USA media and 8 briefings with industry analysts. Leaping on the potential of the MEF19 Proof of Concepts being showcased at MEF19 in Las Vegas, 18-21 November, Zonic organised back to back meetings at the show for Kumar on 19 th November. Media interviews included Converge Network Digest, CRN, Light Reading and Telecom Drive. Analysts included Frost and Sullivan, Vertical Networks, IDC, 451 Research and Ovum. Follow up phone briefings were conducted with CRN and Fierce Telecom in December. A press release and article were developed about the two ground breaking PoCs and then supporting outreach for the PoC solution MEF19 award magnified interest in the media to find out more about Versa. The key message was that Versa Networks is taking SD-WAN to the next level with two MEF19 PoCs and this caps off a momentous year, rich in milestones. The MEF19 award went to the Versa’s PoC partnering with NTT Communications, NetCracker, Spirent, Adva, and SilverPeak to showcase how multi-vendor SD-WAN services can be orchestrated, activated, assured and managed using zero touch provisioning and end-to-end service automation.

The press coverage so far indicates the success and impact from Zonic’s support. Plenty more coverage will appear in the New Year.

Media coverage to date: During 2019 Zonic have organized PR activities across the globe alongside many major industry events including Cloud Expo, ONUG MEF19 and spotlight events including NetEvents EMEA and NetEvents Global San Jose. Briefings have been conducted with key press such as Forbes, Computer Weekly, Data Center Knowledge, and IT PRO to name just a few and leading analyst groups including IDC, Gartner, Futuriom and 451 Research. During the last 6 months of this year Zonic have generated over 130 pieces of qualitative press coverage. 80 press and analyst briefings were conducted throughout the year and 7 by-line articles and blogs have been published, with another 3 in progress which will appear in key publications in early 2020. Please use the link below to access the 2019 coverage report: d/1Z7CP_58nyIbwVYYJq4Vkp11KGMgWvaZ17LDr7ZqR6Tk/edit#gid=0

Useful coverage stats for the month of November 2019

In November alone Versa Networks received over 4,100 mentions in online publications, news outlets and blog coverage. The key peak after the 18 th November correlates with the MEF19 PoC press release, award win and a series of briefings on site at MEF19 on 19 th November. Also NetEvents Global press coverage from October continues to be published and has an impact on the number of mentions for Versa.

The Share of Voice report highlights Versa is closely behind industry giants Cisco and Huawei and well ahead of SD-WAN start-up competition with level of industry media coverage.

The sentiment report reveals there is a high percentage of positive coverage with minor negative mentions.

This automatically generated word cloud depicts key words most commonly seen in Versa coverage, useful for SEO and social media hashtags – not surprisingly SD-WAN is the most prominent. All the other prominent words link directly with the MEF19 PoC success e.g. Multi-vendor, services, networks and other vendor company names involved in the PoC .









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