WATERSPORTS C A N I N E Memorial Park goes to the dogs all weekend long

I magine, for a moment, the sight of a happy, high-spirited dog wait- ing with breathless anticipation at the end of a 36-foot dock. Meanwile, the dog’s handler stands dangling an enticing floatable toy over a 45- foot pool. Suddenly the handler hurls the toy skyward and the dog jumps off the edge of the dock, flying over 29 feet through the air in hot pursuit, before his awesome splashdown

into the pool. It’s wet, wild and wonderful fun and thanks to Canine Watersports Canada, it’s returning to be a part of Turtlefest 2016. During this two-day competition, dogs will compete in events such as Toss, Jump, Grab and Lure while spectators cheer them on (and enjoy the occasional spray from the pool). Learn more about the event at www.caninewatersportscanada.ca


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2016-06-03 10:26 AM

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