SUMMER FUN G U I D E The Discover camps and classes to keep your kids busy all summer

W ondering what the kids are going to do all summer? Don’t sweat it. There are plenty of options available—from traditional day camp programs to drop-in activities. The most important consideration when choosing activities for your school-age youngsters is the chil- dren themselves. What are their interests? What are they curious about? Are they likely to do better with a long day full of varied ac- tivities, or shorter, more intense ses- sions that promote focus?

The Town of Tillsonburg’s day camp is always a popular choice for chil- dren ages 4-12. Coinciding with most parents’ working hours, it balances group games, craft times and other leader-led activities with free time spent at the Lake Lisgar Waterpark. Or, for sports minded kids, check out Shooting Stars Rac- quet Sports Camp, where youth try tennis, badminton and squash. Got a young Einstein? Try STEM Camp for super-fun technology, engineer- ing and science activities.


St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church 46 Brock Street W. Tillsonburg, ON 519.842.8665

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SUNDAYS @ 10:30 AM


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