SUMMER S E I Z E Y O U R Don’t just sit there, get outside already!

T he warm weather won’t last forever so don’t go holing up in your air conditioned cocoon this summer, slap on some sunscreen and go outside. You’ll be amazed at all things you can do. Learn to row Sure, Lake Lisgar is pretty to look at, but why be a land-lover when you could learn to row with the Till- sonburg Rowing Club? Learn more at www.tillsonburgrowingclub.com

Go for a hike The Carroll Trail offers spec- tacular views thanks to its rolling topography. But if you’re looking for something a little easier on the body, the former rail trails in the area are a great option too. Swim and splash On a hot sunny day, there’s noth- ing like cooling off at Lake Lisgar Waterpark . Easy on the wallet, the park even has a giant twister water- slide. A gradual beach entry makes it easy for seniors and toddlers to cool off, while the huge lawn and deck area provides plenty of room to relax. www.lakelisgarwaterpark.ca

Go for a spin The rural roads surrounding Tillsonburg are cyclist’s dream. Whether you’re an occasional rider or a serious road racer, there’s tons of territory out there just waiting to be explored. Check out group riding opportunities at www.silverscc.net Enjoy stargazing Located in one of the darkest points in Southern Ontario, the Long Point Observatory puts you closer to the stars. Or glide through the Carolinian forest on a world class 2½ hour zip line and canopy tour. Learn more at www.lpfun.ca .

Rent a kayak For years, Jones Marine has been helping boat owners get out and enjoy the open water, but did you know they also rent recreational, touring and fishing kayaks? New- bies will love their Kayaking Foun- dations class taught by a certified Paddle Canada instructor. Learn more at www.otterpaddle.com .


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