Victim Impact Statement Booklet

Cara was funny, creative and beautiful. She told me she thought of me like a sister, that sometimes we would fight but hours later we would pick up where we left off. She meant so much to me. It was difficult to create the Victim Impact Statement I gave to the judge to prepare for sentencing. The process was hard, it brought up a lot of emotions. I needed to do it though, because I wanted to show how very important Cara was to so many people. As you go through this process, I want you to know even if you are having a hard time, push through it. I felt better after presenting my statement to the court; it brought some measure of peace. My hope is that my Victim Impact Statement, as well as yours, will help people see the bigger picture. This crime impacts so many lives and the people we no longer have are greatly missed.

Kim’s life was changed when her friend Cara was killed in a drunk driving crash in 2012.

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