Victim Impact Statement Booklet

Section 3: Presenting a Victim Impact Statement

Presenting Your Statement in Person You may be given the opportunity to present your Victim Impact Statement orally at the sentencing of the offender which is sometimes referred to as Allocution. Here are a few things to think about if you are appearing in court: • Courtroom attire should reflect the seriousness of the business that transpires there. While it is not necessary to wear a business suit, clean, well-pressed clothing is expected. • Women should wear dress pants, a dress or a skirt that is not too short and a blouse that is not designed with a low-cut neckline. Men should wear long pants and a solid color shirt. Soft colors are more effective than vivid colors.

When in doubt, choose a conservative outfit. • Avoid jewelry that could detract from your face.

• Hair should be clean. Facial hair should be neat and trimmed. Your goal is to have the members of the court focus on your face, not your attire.

Presenting Your Statement via Audio or Video If you are not comfortable presenting in person or are unable to attend the sentencing, ask your prosecutor or MADD Victim Advocate if your statement may be recorded

Show your sincerity.

on audio or video. It may not be quite as effective as a Victim Impact Statement presented in person, but it may be a good option if it’s not possible to be present.

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