Victim Impact Statement Booklet

Your goal on video should be to make yourself appear as sincere as possible to the court. • It is crucial that the tape be of excellent quality. Search for professional audio or videotaping studios and call to inquire about prices. • Your presentation should not be long (no more than 5 to 10 minutes), and you should not have it edited. You may choose to record it several times before deciding on a final version. • Quality lighting and skilled recording will make your presentation more effective. • If the cost is prohibitive, call the journalism or radio and television department of a local college to inquire about a student-made tape. It’s also possible your prosecutor has audio or videotape equipment in the office. • If you choose to make a statement on videotape and your physical appearance has changed since the crime, you may want to hold a photo of yourself, of the way you looked before the crime. • If your loved one was killed, you may want to hold his or her photo as you are recorded. The predominant image on the video, however, should be your face. This will enhance the ability of the court to witness the sincerity of your statement. Consider following the same rules for dress and makeup as noted above. Women who wear make-up may want to wear slightly more colorful lipstick and blush to accommodate for bright lights.


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