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less than a one day lead time on most orders. The compa- ny was acquired by Wasatch in June 2019 and is managed by Lauren Frisch. Wasatch also has a building less than a mile away that produces award-winning custom foams and crates, further diversifying the company and setting them apart form their competition. Aside from stock boxes, foams and crate, Wasatch also offers full service in-house design services, truly making themselves a one-stop-shop. “The future looks great. Everything would really have to collapse hard for us to fail,” says Frisch. “Especially in today’s climate, diversification is crucial.”


Haire Group is the premier provider of new machinery for the corrugated industry. As the exclusive US & Canadian agent for one of the largest machinery manufacturers in the world, Haire Group is able to pair clients with the best machinery solutions for the best value to meet their spe- cific needs. As an operating partner of the US-based DFA Technical Support Center (a joint venture of Haire Group and Dong Fang), Haire Group delivers top-notch 24/7 pro- fessional, reliable service and support, maximizing quality and uptime. Additionally, Haire Group has been the indus- try’s #1 pre-owned machinery broker and plant equipment appraiser since 1976. HarperLove is the leading provider of specialty adhesives, performance additives, and wet-strength resins to corru- gated packaging manufacturers. With the largest and most experienced field service and technical support team posi- tioned throughout the U.S. and Latin America, HarperLove has a long-standing reputation for providing outstanding service and delivering demonstrable performance improve- ments. HarperLove’s renowned services include not only innovative product development and custom product for- mulation, but also machine and process assessments, ad- hesive formula adjustments, machine tuning, detailed ser- vice reporting, and more. HARPERLOVE

“I keep thinking we were lucky how this all worked out, but I think there’s more to luck. Luck doesn’t just happen. You need to be prepared and jump when you spot the op- portunity, that’s my definition of luck!” says Frisch. Whether it was luck, opportunity, or a combination of both, it seems that “Jerry’s dream of the future” is well un- derway. Menasha Corp Publishes 10th Annual Social Responsibility Report Neenah, Wisconsin based Menasha Corporation, parent company of Menasha Packaging, has announced the pub- lication of its tenth annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, highlighting the company’s environmental, social and governance performance during calendar year 2019 and the first half of 2020. New in this year’s report is a COVID-19 section outlin- ing Menasha Corporation’s response and actions to the coronavirus pandemic, including its elevated focus on employee safety, support for its customers’ new needs for products and services, and increased monetary support for community organizations and basic needs services. A downloadable digital version of the report is avail- able at Menasha’s website at http://www.insightdigital. biz/t/274184-menasha-corporation . Jerry Frisch says diversification is crucial in today’s climate.


Kiwiplan - premier worldwide software provider of enter- prise-wide, fully automatic solutions specifically for the cor- rugating and packaging industries. Kiwiplan’s Total Solution delivers comprehensive, seamless real-time flow of infor- mation from sales order management to dynamic total plant scheduling and inventory control through shipping.


Manufacturer of Marotape®, Marotape®Plus, Marotape® FPT and MaroString™; hot melt coated tapes and strings used for reinforcement and easy-open features for pack- aging. Marotech Inc. also manufactures state-of-the-art dispensing and tape placement equipments to optimize the productivity of applying hot melt coated tapes in pack- aging.


August 17, 2020

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