Board Converting News, August 17, 2020


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The AIRSCREEN µ icro ® is an ambient air cleaner that filters hazardous molecular dust particles AND with Merv 14 through HEPA filter options, will combat and reduce COVID-19 and other biological airborne contaminants from spreading. Available in portable 500 cfm unit as well as 2000 and 4000 cfm models.

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Absolute Certifies Flexo Concepts’ TruPoint Green Doctor Blade Plymouth, Massachusetts based Flexo Concepts has con- firmed that its TruPoint Green doctor blade has been au- thorized by Absolute Engineering for use with the com- pany’s carbon fibre chamber systems. After conducting extensive testing, technicians at the UK-based chamber producer found TruPoint Green to be a solid option in mid- high line screen corrugated metering applications. TruPoint Green was created in Flexo Concepts’ Doc- tor Blade Innovation Lab as an alternative for steel blades when increasing anilox line screens test the limits of UHMW’s metering capability. The blade’s excellent stiff- ness and spring properties allow the blade edge to main- tain good contact with the anilox roll and execute the de- livery of higher quality graphics. Green blades are drop-in replacements for UHMW and safer than steel in terms of preventing operator injuries and anilox roll scoring. “Flexo Concepts is proud to partner with Absolute En- gineering, a leader in the design and manufacture of car- bon fiber-chambered doctor blade systems,” says Kevin McLaughlin, President of Flexo Concepts. “By combining two cutting-edge technologies – Absolute’s carbon-fibre chamber systems and TruPoint Green’s plastic doctor blades – printers can maximize quality and productivity while improving safety.”

PMMI Awards 2020 Processing And Engineering Scholarships The PMMI Foundation has awarded three $5,000 schol- arships to university students at four-year PMMI partner schools, studying for a career in the packaging and pro- cessing industry. PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, supports packaging and processing education at North American colleges, univer- sities and technical schools through the PMMI Foundation. The recipients of these scholarships are: • Electrical Engineering Scholarship: Jordan Wolf, Penn State York, Electro-Mechanical Engineering • Mechanical Engineering Scholarship: Eric Almberg, University of Iowa, Mechanical Engineering • Processing Scholarship: April Johnson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Food and Science Technology “Our goal is to recognize the leading students in our industry, providing them with necessary resources so they can transfer academic success into professional excel- lence,” says Kate Fiorianti, Senior Manager, Workforce De- velopment, PMMI. “The achievements of these students represent a positive outlook for the next generation in transforming the packaging and processing industry.” The PMMI Foundation has awarded academic scholar- ships each year to students enrolled in PMMI Education Partner programs since 1998. Visit .


August 17, 2020

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