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climate change & sustainability

climate change & sustainability

Are you progressing your sustainability agenda?

Although there has been a focus on climate change and sustainability agendas for a while now, this year has seen compliance, regulation, expectation, and the demand for action get serious. We have seen moves to improve corporate governance, organisations approach to societal issues and, responses to climate change; but we now need to accelerate action. Backed by changes in regulation, law and consumer action, many organisations will need to substantially improve their climate change and sustainability activity and implement transformation programmes to embed not only new strategies, processes, procedures, and policies; but to truly embed a culture that embraces and formalises climate change, sustainability, and net zero carbon principles. Our unique experience and understanding of managing our own and some of our customers’ journeys to Net Zero, coupled with our deep programme delivery and change management capabilities, make us the ideal partner to design, mobilise and implement a Net Zero or ESG transformation programme.



real change • real difference

Key NZC factors to consider

Carbon Emissions Baseline Utilise existing data where possible to baseline your current carbon emissions status. Build on existing support and understanding.

Enterprise-wide Scope Extensive enterprise-wide coverage is important covering operations, travel, fleet and production. Engage employees in the vision and treat as a transformation programme.

ESG & NZC Vision & Strategy Define the vision and strategy aligned to business strategy and secure senior commitment. Be clear and realistic on timescales with a strategy that is achievable.

Stakeholder Expectations

Engage the Supply Chain

Programme Delivery

Understand internal and external stakeholder

Define the vision and strategy aligned to business strategy and secure senior commitment. Be clear and realistic on timescales with a strategy that is achievable.

Mobilise a capable team with adequate levels of

perspectives. Engaged and interested stakeholders will include investors, employees, customers and the supply chain.

resource. Produce a detailed plan aligned with the vision, strategy and scope. Assess the risks and establish an effective reporting mechanism.



real change • real difference

the time to act is now


The reality is that although many organisations will have made some moves to improve their approach to the environment and sustainability aspects of their operations, they will still lack the maturity to say they are at a point where these areas are addressed to the satisfaction of stakeholders such as investors, employees, customers and regulators. Without this maturity, investors will look elsewhere, and you will fail to attract and retain employees and customers. Successful organisations will increasingly be judged not just on their operational performance but also their approach and success in managing these issues and risks. Most, if not all, decisions in an organisation will need to be seen through a climate change and sustainability lens, as well as the return on investment or mitigation of risk.

Why do you need to act on your climate change and sustainability agenda now?

If you are in this position, you must ask the following questions:

How are you responding to the need to act?

Are you paying lip service to delivering a transformational approach?

Do you fully appreciate your status and maturity across these areas, the expectations of your stakeholders, and the reporting requirements that are being introduced this year?

How will you implement these changes to meet all the expectations?

Many organisations are now taking a transformation programme delivery approach. This should include all aspects of your climate change and sustainability activity given the interaction between these areas and the common aspects of risk management, regulation, and reporting.




real change • real difference

real change • real difference

delivering net zero carbon (NZC)

If you don’t have a NZC strategy and plan:

Your investors will invest elsewhere in those that do

You may not be compliant to new regulation

Your employee proposition will be affected

You will lose market share and credibility.

Climate change has emerged as the defining priority of our time.

Expectations from governments, customers, suppliers, employees and customers have changed Organisations must act now to reduce their carbon emissions and demonstrate their commitment to combating climate change If you have not started a Net Zero Carbon programme then you need to. If you have, you need to accelerate it Agree your vision, objectives and implementation approach up front before mobilisation so the end goals and journey are clear Build a joined-up plan and communicate hard to all stakeholders in order to drive effective delivery.

The time to act is now.




real change • real difference

real change • real difference

ESG Regulatory Requirements


With the recent growing awareness about the impact of climate change, there has been more of a drive at senior political levels to deliver lasting change through regulations and laws, nationally and internationally, in response to environmental issues. The COP26 conference, and the documents produced by the UK Government supporting action to reduce carbon emissions, has led to an increase in regulatory and legal requirements such as TCFDs to manage a carbon reduction or Net Zero Carbon (NZC) Programme that organisations need to be aware of and action.

Similarly, regulations and laws in response to social inequality have to some extent been around for a while but have not always been applied and adhered to. Again, in the face of high-profile scandals and publicly known organisational failures, these are now being addressed by regulations covering inequality and diversity which are helping to address these issues, but more does need to be done. Organisations would be well served seeking out best practice advice in this area.

The regulation around governance in response to scandals such as Enron, Carillion and more recent accounting failures has been developed in the face of high public awareness. We have seen an increase in regulator activity in these areas which routinely makes the news headlines and organisations are now under no illusion that if they do not comply with stricter regulation around corporate governance standards, they will suffer bad publicity, fines or even worse, lose their mandate to operate.



real change • real difference

esg change managing

We are now seeing many major organisations setting enterprise- wide transformation strategies and NZC Programmes to support these in response to this regulatory and legal backdrop. However, many others pay lip service to these areas and are not investing in lasting change. Some organisations will be leading the way in terms of strategy, change programmes, reporting and monitoring leading to lasting culture change. Others will be partially responding and may have a policy or strategy published, but many others will not have developed policies, strategies, plans or even see any need to act. This is a mistake.

The UK Government has explicitly stated that: It expects all organisations to have an NZC strategy by 2023 In addition, from 2022, it will be mandatory for 1300 of the UK’S largest organisations to report on the Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (TCFDs). Typically, this will be any organisation over 500 employees or with a minimum £500m turnover.

If not, or you are not sure, then time is running out to act. ESG monitoring and reporting requirements are growing and the action to enforce compliance is only going to get stronger so, it is time to act and ensure any change activity required to deliver this is planned, funded and resourced adequately and taken seriously across organisations. If not, a superficial approach will end up in serious repercussions.



real change • real difference

Our industry experience and approach, built on our own journey to NZC, combined with our programme delivery expertise will help you achieve your NZC objectives. project one can help

Change expertise

Genuine independence

Bespoke solutions

Whole-team knowledge

Define the steps required to reduce carbon emissions

Tailor the approach to your specific situation

Call on a huge depth of ESG & NZC experience

Call out the right thing to do

Results focus

Hybrid working

Capability uplift

Collaborative assurance

Work by your side to deliver NZC outcomes

Drive towards the NZC business outcomes

Bring your team along the NZC journey

Lead on-site and virtual teams



real change • real difference

Make sure you inject the right level of capability.

Our NZC transformation expertise gives you the skills you need to relentlessly drive delivery, remaining in control.

We work with our customers to infuse a deep level of delivery skill and NZC experience to:

Bolster in-house capability and drive with pace and clarity

Mitigate the key risks

Focus on the NZC business outcome and the journey required

Enable effective decisions

Ensure your business can land a sustainable solution covering the relevant scope areas (direct and indirect emissions).



real change • real difference

Our team will work with you to mobilise NZC programme activity over four phases:

responding to climate change


Ensure alignment to strategy and determine priorities Drive Exec team to stand collectively behind change Establish one Exec-level sponsor.


Articulate NZC vision and outcomes so all understand Agree benefits ownership and bake into plans Set-up robust governance to enable clear decisions.


Create a clear roadmap, delivery plan and structure Map out, agree and manage dependencies Agree initial funding and drawdown approach.

our team

We generally deploy a team of two or three highly experienced change management consultants with specific NZC / regulatory subject matter expertise An experienced member of our Leadership Team will align senior stakeholders and inject expertise We agree timeframe, approach and resource requirements prior to work commencing We can run this work remotely, using individual and workshop style video calls or face to face.


Invest in the right team, filling any capability gaps On-board in stages, ensuring value for money Communicate, build team spirit and delivery culture.



real change • real difference

what we do best

We are a leading, independent consulting business specialising in change: who IS project one?

We are experts having led and supported change across a wide geography, most primary business functions and in any industry​ We are change experts; we make the complex simple​ We are recognised in the market as a leading business, a great place to work and for our international growth – ranking 18th out of the 1600 of the UK’s consultancy firms in the 2022 FT awards​ We specialise in mobilising and reshaping highly complex change programmes and portfolios of all scales​ Our team comprises 100 experienced change leaders - with extensive experience of compliance driven regulatory programmes and bring cross-sector insight​ We work in close partnership with our customers, focusing on clear outcomes and look to build your in-house capability.



As specialists in change and

• Shaping Change: ensuring strategic ambitions are translated into clear, actionable and achievable change. • Delivering Change: ensuring change is set-up for success and remains on track, delivering the required business outcomes. • Enabling Change: improving your own organisation’s change capability. • Digital Change: delivering the foundations that will drive your digital strategy. We help ambitious organisations to change, thrive and grow.

Our focus on climate change:

transformation, we offer an end-to-end service, working alongside you at every stage of your change journey.

We are working as part of the Business in the Community NZC Taskforce. We are focussed on supporting their corporate membership, and prior to COP26, it was all about helping with ‘what’ the climate change and sustainability agenda is going to be, and now we are moving into ‘how’ to act on this We have delivered our own NZC strategy and made the Race to Zero pledge (one of only 1800 SMEs globally to do so).​We have stood up our own NZC Committee and they’re the driving force behind the climate change and sustainability activity.



real change • real difference

real change • real difference

real change • real difference

Committed to climate change: Signed up to the UN Race to Zero campaign and UK Government sponsored SME Climate Hub.

Ranking in 3rd place: Fastest International Growth Independent comparison of 200 mid-market organisations.

Digital Transformation, Organisation and Change

Recognised as a: A UK Best Workplace Centre of Excellence in Wellbeing Independent accreditation via anonymous employee survey.

Defence, Energy and environment, Public Sector, Retail, Pharma, FS and Media

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