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Is 2018 Your Year to Feel Normal? FEEL LIKE YOURSELF AGAIN

“Will I feel normal again?”

But “could-haves” don’t get results. Doing something and getting answers is what leads to results and a return to normal.

This is a question we hear a lot. Before pursuing physical therapy, people want to know if they’re ever going to feel like themselves again and if they’ll be able to return to doing the things they love. They may be in pain or discomfort, they may not be able to move as they once did, or they may be struggling with balance. There are a number of biomechanical issues stemming from injury or age that can hinder normal movement and normal living. If you suffer from any aches or pains, seeing a specialist and asking questions can make a world of difference. A physical therapist is there to get to the bottom of your pain, to help you find answers, and to work with you to return to your normal. This is something I have learned firsthand. A couple of months ago, I developed a pain through my foot and ankle. I had been fairly active at the time with walking, hiking, and horseback riding, so I assumed it was muscle fatigue and that it might go away. That did not happen. Instead, it got progressively worse. An X-ray later and I learned I had a fracture. I had no idea when the fracture might have occurred, but as I thought about it, I came to some conclusions. I had been walking around with poor support for my feet, ankles, and legs. That is, I had poor orthotic support. I was walking around with my feet flat and I was putting too much pressure on my right leg. This may have led to the fracture. I was given a boot to wear and six weeks later, the fracture had healed. I was left with a valuable lesson. There is a good chance this fracture could have been prevented if I had taken steps to address the lack of support for my feet. I could have started wearing orthotics two years ago. I could have had better foot support.

Using my example, good footwear prevents a lot of issues that stem from overall poor support through the feet and up through the legs.

I am not the first person to have a fracture like this and I won’t be the last. You can be sure I’ll be giving my feet the support they need

to prevent future issues like the one I experienced in November.

If you are experiencing any pain or you have concerns, now is the

time for a consultation. You can learn from my story. We can assess your biomechanical alignment and take the action. We can put you on the path toward normal. Let’s solve your pain or discomfort and make 2018 your year! Yes, you can feel normal again!

–Ann Steinfeld PT, OCS


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