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Staying Organized

My overall goal for my work is to be the best insurance advisor my clients ever have. One thing I’ve learned while pursuing this goal is that I must be organized. There’s no way around it. The more I’ve worked, the more my job has beat my inherently disorganized nature into submission, and I’m glad for it. Without a desire to be as organized as I can be, I could not help my clients nearly as much as I do now. This summer, my children took some AP classes to get ahead in school. Their teachers gave them summer work, and, as they crammed a summer’s worth of assignments into the last couple of weeks before the start of the school year, I couldn’t help but remember doing the same thing when I was their age. In high school and college, I was the guy who never thought he would have to get more organized. I flew by the seat of my pants right through school. I’ve paid dearly for that choice in the years since, but, thankfully, I’m on the right track to getting more organized — and I have my job to thank for that. I’ve had to combat my disorganized nature in a few different ways. For starters, I’ve had to consolidate and compartmentalize my workspace. I

have a home office where I keep a work computer and some papers from time to time. But it’s also where my children keep their computers. Just having my work stuff in close proximity to my children’s school stuff has led to things going missing or getting messed up. I may pay the mortgage on my house, but, when it comes to the safety of my stuff, I have little control. I’ve given up on keeping my work organized at home. Now I keep everything work- related at the office, where it is safe. Another way I’ve made myself become more organized is by making lists. I have a database with all my clients’ info in it. Having all that data at my fingertips means I can send them a birthday card every year or a newsletter every month. I also make lists of things I need to bring to clients’ houses when I visit them. About 90% of my appointments with clients are at their homes, and, if I don’t make a list of all the things I need with me from the office, I’ll absolutely leave something behind and waste everybody’s time. If I want to perform well at my job, I can’t let myself be disorganized. I have to stay on top of my game. Sometimes I think I’m becoming more ornery as I get older. I’m becoming a stereotypical old man who needs everything to be done a certain way.

–Duane Hamilton 1 770-744-1855 that help them achieve success. In order to adapt to the demands of my job, I put my haphazard habits behind me and put systems in place that lead to success. How do you stay on top of your work? Maybe that’s true, but the methods and routines I use to keep myself on track work, and I don’t like deviating from them. Staying organized does more than make my job easier. Knowing my responsibilities and how to do them reduces my stress and makes me happier overall. I believe if a person fails, it is not because they are inherently a failure. They probably failed to create systems

near Kennesaw Mountain, some of the dead never quite left. There have been multiple reports of Civil War soldiers popping into people’s homes for a visit over the years. The Former Village Inn Bed & Breakfast The Bed and Breakfast may be elsewhere, but the spirits of the oldest building in Stone Mountain still linger. The ghosts of the former B&B owner, a Civil War soldier, and an African American man who sings hymns are supposedly still there. Signs of their presence include the smell of cigar smoke, lights and doors operating on their own, and faces showing up in photographs. The Wren’s Nest Unlike the other two sites on this list, this 1870 be problematic, except that these atoms tend to damage cells, lipids, proteins, and even DNA along the way, and that destruction has serious consequences. As Live Science puts it, “Free radicals are associated with human disease, including cancer, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and many others. They also may have a link to aging, which has been defined as a gradual accumulation of free-radical damage.” Unfortunately, it’s impossible to entirely avoid free radicals and the havoc they wreak. The process that forms free radicals, called oxidative stress, can be kick-started by a variety of different substances found in food, water, medicine, and even the air we breathe, according to the Huntington’s Outreach Project for Education at Stanford University. Unsurprisingly, these substances are things already considered unhealthy, like alcohol, exposure to X-rays,

ozone, fried food, chemical pesticides, air pollutants, and tobacco smoke. That said, there is one molecule that is stable enough to stand up to and reduce free radicals: the antioxidant. According to a study published by Pharmacognosy Reviews, antioxidants can “donate an electron to a rampaging free radical and neutralize it, thus reducing its ability to damage.” Synthetic antioxidants exist but can sometimes have harmful side effects, so scientists advise protecting yourself by avoiding free radical triggers like alcohol, processed foods, and red meat, and ingesting natural antioxidants in the form of berries, stone fruits, olives, onions, garlic, and green and black teas. Herbs and spices like cinnamon, basil, turmeric, and fenugreek can ratchet up your antioxidant levels too. While it can’t guarantee immortality, the right diet can certainly help you stave off aging and disease, so why not start today?

If you’ve ever picked up a health magazine while waiting at the doctor’s office, then you’re probably familiar with the term “free radicals” — at least enough to know that they get a bad rap from doctors and beauticians alike. But what are they, exactly? According to Live Science, free radicals are atoms with unpaired electrons that have split off from oxygen molecules in the body and started to “scavenge” for other electrons to pair with. That wouldn’t

Eerie but Harmless The Haunts of the Friendly Ghosts of Atlanta

From Civil War cemeteries to the plantation houses of the Antebellum South, the Atlanta area has its fair share of purportedly haunted locations. The specters that purportedly inhabit these places lived during every era of this city’s history, and, while their presence may seem sinister, many of them merely serve as reminders of the times they lived in. Here are some historically significant sites in Atlanta that host friendly ghosts. Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park Whether it is haunted or not, almost every Civil War battleground is going to have its fair share of ghost stories. The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain ended with around 4,000 casualties, and, according to residents who live

farmhouse has no tragedy or strange deaths, but that hasn’t stopped people from seeing the ghost of a tall woman walking toward a closet, or seeing a man’s face in the mirror. Aside from these eerie encounters, however, the Wren’s Nest is a pretty cool house with a lot of history worth a visit. Ghosts could just be a trick of the light or a figment of the imagination, but visiting a “haunted” location can be a fun and unique way to learn about our city’s history during the Halloween season. And, if you visit one of these locations, don’t fret too much if you feel an unnatural chill. At the very worst, it’s a harmless ghost just passing through.


B etter S leep , H appier L ife 3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep

A 2016 study found that almost 1 in 3 Americans don’t get the recommended seven hours of sleep they need to stay healthy. Much like drinking enough water and eating healthy, sleeping right is essential to functioning well and getting in a good day’s work. But, if you’re someone who tosses and turns and can’t figure out how to get those z’s in, check out some of these tips. Limit (or Avoid) Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol In 2017, 64% of Americans drank a cup of coffee every day. All that caffeine may very well be the reason you’re not zonking out when you want to. But the other two culprits that rob people of their sleep that might surprise you are nicotine and alcohol. Both tend to prevent people from getting the deeper sleep they need, and nicotine withdrawals can wake people up earlier than necessary. Don’t consume

any of these substances 6–8 hours before you sleep. No Screens Before Bed Blue light from phones, tablets, computers, and TVs can suppress the production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates the sleep- wake cycle, and stimulate you rather than relax you.

light in your bedroom, and invest in some heavy curtains or shades for your window. If you have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, keep those lights off and use a dim night light or flashlight to navigate your room instead. Better sleep is a source of a lot of other health benefits, including a healthier weight and better mood. Don’t let that late afternoon cup of coffee or late- night TV show steal away better sleep and a better life.

Try listening to an audiobook before bed instead, or reading something that isn’t backlit. If looking at a screen right before bed is absolutely necessary, look into installing some light-altering software. Make Your Room Completely Dark Studies have shown that even the smallest source of light — even from an alarm clock or an LED — can lessen the quality of your sleep. Make sure to turn off or cover up any source of

C hocolate -D ipped F ruit

Inspired by Food Network

I mportant A nnouncement !

This super easy and fun way to create homemade treats provides your kids with a healthier and more delicious alternative to packaged industrial candy. As a bonus, making it is an awesome Halloween activity for your family to enjoy.


Medicare Annual Election Period Begins Oct. 15 – Dec. 7 This is when everyone has an opportunity to change their health plan. If you are happy with your plan, it will automatically renew. If you are interested in seeing if there is a new plan that may be a better fit, or you simply want to review your benefits for 2020, please call today to schedule an appointment. Remember, the early bird gets the worm.

• 1 package melting chocolate

• Assorted dried fruit, including apricots and mangoes


1. In a large saucepan, bring 1 inch of water to a boil. 2. Place a large, heatproof mixing bowl on top of saucepan so that no steam can escape. Place melting chocolate in mixing bowl and double boil until melted. 3. Dip half of each piece of fruit in chocolate before transferring to a parchment-lined baking sheet to rest. 4. Let cool for 10 minutes until chocolate solidifies. 5. Place in school lunches, serve at parties, and indulge in a few for yourself.

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Thoughts on National ‘Get Organized’ Week

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Tips for Fighting Free Radicals Friendly Ghosts to Visit This Halloween Season 3 Ways to Improve Your Sleep Chocolate-Dipped Fruit Avoid Getting Your Hands Dirty This Halloween

N o -C arve P umpkin D esigns !

Jack-o’-lanterns go hand-in-hand with Halloween, but digging through the inside of a pumpkin is not something everyone enjoys. If you aren’t keen on cutting open a pumpkin, here are a few no-carve ideas you can try this Halloween! Haunted House Take a few pumpkins, stack them on top of each other, and create a spooky pumpkin haunted house! Then, use paint, balsa wood sheets, and hot glue to create silhouettes, ghosts, windows, and doors for a haunting effect! Creative With String Use cotton twine and hot glue to create a web-like design on the surface of your pumpkin. Don’t forget to add a few plastic spiders! You can also use string art to create ghostly words or images. Lay our your design with small pegs or nails and wrap the string around them to reach your desired effect.

Nothing but Net You can create eerie pumpkins using fishnet stockings. Spray-paint your pumpkin if desired — just make sure the design of the stockings will stand out. Once the paint is dry, cut the legs off the stockings, slide

A Spooky Monster By adding a witch hat, wrapping a pumpkin in cheesecloth, attaching spider legs, or tying on a vampire cape, you can create a pumpkin version of the most popular Halloween monsters. Along with these accessories, you can also use paint, construction paper, and other craft materials to add the details that will make your creation pop! For more detailed directions for these pumpkin designs and more ideas, visit WomansDay.com.

the pumpkin inside, remove the extra fabric around the stem, and use hot

glue to secure it. Colorful Paint

Painting your Halloween pumpkins gives everyone a chance to participate. Be creative by using different designs, cutouts for silhouettes, drip paint to create a marble design, or nail polish and water to give white pumpkins a unique and vibrant look.


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