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Staying Organized

My overall goal for my work is to be the best insurance advisor my clients ever have. One thing I’ve learned while pursuing this goal is that I must be organized. There’s no way around it. The more I’ve worked, the more my job has beat my inherently disorganized nature into submission, and I’m glad for it. Without a desire to be as organized as I can be, I could not help my clients nearly as much as I do now. This summer, my children took some AP classes to get ahead in school. Their teachers gave them summer work, and, as they crammed a summer’s worth of assignments into the last couple of weeks before the start of the school year, I couldn’t help but remember doing the same thing when I was their age. In high school and college, I was the guy who never thought he would have to get more organized. I flew by the seat of my pants right through school. I’ve paid dearly for that choice in the years since, but, thankfully, I’m on the right track to getting more organized — and I have my job to thank for that. I’ve had to combat my disorganized nature in a few different ways. For starters, I’ve had to consolidate and compartmentalize my workspace. I

have a home office where I keep a work computer and some papers from time to time. But it’s also where my children keep their computers. Just having my work stuff in close proximity to my children’s school stuff has led to things going missing or getting messed up. I may pay the mortgage on my house, but, when it comes to the safety of my stuff, I have little control. I’ve given up on keeping my work organized at home. Now I keep everything work- related at the office, where it is safe. Another way I’ve made myself become more organized is by making lists. I have a database with all my clients’ info in it. Having all that data at my fingertips means I can send them a birthday card every year or a newsletter every month. I also make lists of things I need to bring to clients’ houses when I visit them. About 90% of my appointments with clients are at their homes, and, if I don’t make a list of all the things I need with me from the office, I’ll absolutely leave something behind and waste everybody’s time. If I want to perform well at my job, I can’t let myself be disorganized. I have to stay on top of my game. Sometimes I think I’m becoming more ornery as I get older. I’m becoming a stereotypical old man who needs everything to be done a certain way.

–Duane Hamilton 1 770-744-1855 that help them achieve success. In order to adapt to the demands of my job, I put my haphazard habits behind me and put systems in place that lead to success. How do you stay on top of your work? Maybe that’s true, but the methods and routines I use to keep myself on track work, and I don’t like deviating from them. Staying organized does more than make my job easier. Knowing my responsibilities and how to do them reduces my stress and makes me happier overall. I believe if a person fails, it is not because they are inherently a failure. They probably failed to create systems

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