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typing papers. My science classes didn’t require me to turn in a lot of essays, so I never really had the opportunity to hone my skills as a typist. To combat my struggle, I sought help from a cute girl in my class named Julie by offering her the following proposition: If she would type out my essay as I dictated the content, I would take her out for a nice dinner as a thank-you. In the end, she typed a lot of papers for me, and I took her out on a lot of dates. Fast forward to today, and I look back on my random decision to take classes at Westmont College as an amazing opportunity, one in which I met the love of my life. In fact, we just celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary in November. We traveled to Seattle to celebrate by going to a Huskies’ game. On that trip, I kept thinking about how grateful I was that this incredible young woman decided to help me with my homework all those years ago. While my wife possesses many great qualities, the one that keeps me falling in love with her over and over again is how much fun we have together. We are both active people, so we enjoy water sports, tandem bike riding, skiing, and so on. I also love traveling with her. Before we had our children, we enjoyed going to bed- and-breakfasts on any weekend we could get away. Once we became parents — first to Natalie, then to Jeff — we took family road trips to the Oregon and Washington coasts, Yellowstone National Park, and various other nature-focused locations. I look back on these memories as some of my absolute favorites.


All too often, I find myself looking back at my life and asking, “What if?” What if I’d never pursued a career in physical therapy? What if I’d never met Dr. Mike? What if I’d never decided to open my own clinic? Because of the hundreds of times I’ve posed these questions to myself, I have realized that everything in life has a purpose. For me, that idea really rings true, especially when I think about my beautiful wife, Julie, and the wonderfully ironic way we met. We both happened to be attending Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Meeting in college sounds simple enough, but the irony lies in the fact that going to Westmont was really just a fluke for me. At the time, I was trying to get into PT school, and the school I had been planning on applying to pushed back their application deadline, so I had to wait a year. Since I grew up in Santa Barbara, I decided to take classes where I could. In my research, I saw that Westmont College offered some courses I needed, so I enrolled just to pass the time before PT school. I met Julie in a new student orientation meeting. As a student, I did well learning the material and taking the tests, but I really hated

As millions of people around the world brave busy stores to buy chocolates, teddy bears, and Valentine’s Day cards for their sweethearts, I want to take the time to thank Julie for the wonderful life she has chosen to share with me, both as a wife and a mother. I feel so lucky to be able to share the greater part of my life with most ideal person I could ever imagine. She is much more than a wife to me; she is my life partner, and I can’t wait to see what the next 29 years hold for us. –Matt Smith

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