MIYC Dress Code

Marco Island Yacht Club Dress Code


Members are expected to inform family members and guests of the Club’s D ress Code. Members, family, and guests and visiting boaters are expected to dress in a way that befits our Club’s atmosphere. Shirts and shoes are required on the premises of the Club at all times. Gentlemen and young men will remove their hats or caps in the Clubhouse except as part of a costume or when in Club uniform or due to a medical condition. Ripped, torn, distressed or soiled garments have no place on Club grounds. Harbour Dining Room (Upstairs – Inside and Outside) “Smart or Yacht Club Casual” is expected attire in the Harbour Room. Collared Shirts, turtlenecks, slacks, designer jeans without rips and tears, and dress Bermuda shorts are acceptable for gentlemen. Jackets are requested for men during fine dining. Women and children are required to wear similarly appropriate attire. What not to wear: No beachwear, rubber flip-flops, cargo shorts, or standard blue jeans for any members or guests. Also, no work pants, and no leggings for ladies without a tunic. Dockside Dining Room Come comfortable and casual for dining. For ladies, spandex, leggings, denim without rips or tears, sandals, and non-rubberized flip-flops are permitted. Shirts and shoes are always required. Cargo shorts and non-collared shirts with subtle logos are allowed for men. Beachwear and rubber flip-flops are not permitted. Yacht Club Casual is required after 5:00 PM. NOTE: The Dress Code may be adjusted to the upstairs (Harbour Room) for special events such as Fine Dining. Burgee Bar Dining Room The dress code for this outside area is the same as Dockside, except rubber flip-flops and beachwear with a cover-up is acceptable, along with plain or tastefully designed or logoed T-shirts. Yacht Club Casual attire is required after 5:00 PM.

Updated 21Feb2023

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