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From the City of London The pandemic has introduced many different kinds of expensive and dangerous reactions in our communities and the City of London. One of the most unfortunate problems to deal with is a backed up sewer main where cleanup and in - unit repair and replacements can be overwhelmingly disconcerting and at a time when we are trying to manage so much in our lives. Continued education and attention to our responses to issues that affect our communities, this one in particular, is key to managing insurance claims and keeping pipes free and clean to reduce backups, basement flooding and environmental impacts. Barry Orr, sewer outreach and control inspector with the City of London reminds all of us that “ The only thing that is safe to be flushed is human waste and toilet paper, ” he said. “ That ’ s it. No facial tissue, no wipes, no gloves, no masks, no contact lenses and their containers and no parking tickets. That ’ s what we ’ ve been trying to stress and that ’ s why you see more advertisements about it and, in normal time, stickers and reminders at places like the hospitals, doctors and dentists ’ offices, and restaurants. ” The discussion of owners ’ responsibility for backups is an important one to share with owners. Preventative maintenance is key where owners can be instrumental to ensuring the proper usage of plumbing. Blockage in a sewer line can be due to the build - up of debris which accumulates in the drain lines over a period of time. Just because they say it is flushable doesn ’ t make it so. Drains are designed for wastewater and toilet paper only. Flushing the wrong things down your toilet or into your sink can block sewer pipes and cause flooding at your home. It is also extremely important to keep medicines and garbage out of the toilet. This includes: • Wipes: Do not flush any type of wipe, even if they say on the packaging they are flushable • Face masks and gloves: Do not discard on city or community property – take them home to properly dispose of them. Place in plastic bags, secure and place in garbage • Medicine: Remember to always dispose of medicines by taking them to your pharmacy

Thanks so much for the support you showed to CCI by your membership in 2020/2021. You are applauded for your attention to education in condos. Renewals for Condo Corporation memberships will be sent to the contact person on board-managed corporations and to the manager on record where a corporation is represented by a management company. If there are changes to any of these contact persons, please

advise the Admin at

If you would like a copy of the listing of the directors we have on file for your board, please contact the Administrator and Trish will be happy to send you one. It’s especially important now as we are communicating by email to alert you of the posting of our online events and publications. You can check the 2020-21 Condo Corporation Membership Listing or the 2020-21 Individual, Professional and Business Partner Membership Listings in the Professional & Business Partner Directory to see if you are represented for 2020-21 or contact the Administrator via email.

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