CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

Most cities in Canada are asking people to dispose of these items like they would household hazardous waste because of the importance of safety for the sanitation workers—they have to touch the items during the separation process for recycling. Keeping masks and gloves out of the recycling bin keeps them safe, too.

The FOG Project The importance of every owner in a condominium attending to their responsibilities to limit causes of backups can be as simple as following directions from the Board and the City. Great strides have been taken to limiting overflowing sewers because of grease simply by educating the public in the use of FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) which can block the sewer system when they ’ re poured down sinks or into toilets. When FOG hardens, you could end up flooding your basement and even your neighbours ’. The City of London provides residents free FOG Cups to collect their fats, oils, and grease. Free Fog Cups can be picked up at City of London EnviroDepots and at London Public Library locations . When the cup is full, it can be returned to a City of London EnviroDepot where it will be used to generate green energy. For more information on protecting sewers and wastewater, visit the City of London here .

Garbage and Recycling Windy weather on garbage and recycling collection day is a challenge. High winds can knock over bins and send recyclables flying only to become the litter we all hate to see in our communities. Unfortunately, we can ’ t always count on the residents to pick up their own litter; but we can encourage participation.

Keeping your blue box collection from being the litter you don ’ t want to see in your community can be the routine you use at all times for the safety and beauty of the property. Make sure it is secure enough to withstand the weather, especially high winds.

The City of London provides a Collection Calendar that includes all types of information related to collection and recycling. You can find it here.

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