CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

were energized and inspired by each other. That friendship continues to this day and I am grateful. I remember, with fondness, Margaret Kinnear (a blessing), director at London Condominium No. 1 (date of registry: 26 - Aug - 71 and first condo corporation member of CCI). Margaret also served as a director on the CCI Board from 1993 to 2002. She was as a most valuable connection to condominiums at - large. She was also a history buff and very organized. She saved every issue of the CCI Review over the years and made sure they were handed over to me for historical purposes and I have used them often. The Road First Travelled Historically, there were three property management companies on the chapter ’ s roster of members in those early years; They branching the divide between rentals and condominiums. The first edition of the CCI Review came out in Spring of 1992 as a 4 - page publication. Interestingly, the issue produced in the Fall of 1992 discussed proposed changes to the Ontario Condominium Act. By this timeframe, you can certainly realize just how much work and diversions were involved to make changes to the legislation. We are talking years! The first Condominium Course was held in June 1994 with 22 participants, including members from condominium management, insurance and directors of condominium corporations. Through the early years, the board experimented with the scheduling of the course and found the 2 - day course on Saturdays, in the fall, to be the most practical and suitable for more of our members. Until 2017 we welcomed between 50 - 75 participants each year. The feedback from the course and evaluations of our instructors was very positive and constructive. In the summer of 1999, there were 419 condominium corporations registered in the Registry Office for the County of Middlesex; but only 120 corporations who were members of CCI to share in the benefits that were offered. Even then it was important that our emphasis locally was to provide education and other benefits to our community. As a non - profit organization we also did it on a break even basis. More professionals and businesses responded to the challenge to support the growing membership of our chapter, as well as the need for services specific to the growing industry.

The Road Well Travelled Past issues of the chapter ’ s CCI Review inspire me. I always enjoy opportunities to revisit memories of past events with special people and remember those no longer with us with fondness. Time and memories trigger reassurance especially where I still see so many who continue to work so hard in their communities today. The growth of the condominium style of living and the industry flourished and that continues today. Volunteer directors to condominium corporations grasped the need for education to fulfill the duties of their offices and also to take advantage of connecting with service providers who could assist them to respond to their own responsibilities to the assets of communities. Goods and services providers recognized the potential to develop their own relationships with condominium boards and managers with their expertise in the communities. Many expanded their businesses and are well recognized in the community at - large with their association and membership to CCI.

CCI Review 2020/2021 —June 2021 - 16

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