CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

• Do all of your managers have the appropriate education requirements for a general license with CMRAO? Are there currently any rulings against your company or anyone in your company? • Does your company provide financial support for your managers to be professional members of industry - related organizations such as CCI and to attend educational events? • Will your company provide a resum e for the manager to be assigned to our property in advance? • What is your company ’ s policy/process in reassigning the manager ’ s work load, if the manager should resign or be terminated from your company? • What happens if we don ’ t get along with the manager assigned to our property or we have concerns about their performance? • What is your cancelation clause, should either party decide this contract is no longer serving the best interest of the community? • What systems do your and/or your company have in place that allow the managers to do their job efficiently? • What systems do you and/or your company have in place to track condo fees and bill payments • What bookkeeping programme or maintenance management software do you use? Can you give us a tour of it, virtually? • What is the process and turnaround time for payables on behalf of the corporation? Do cheques get signed or are bills paid electronically? How do Board members approve payment? • Do you have a preferred list of vendors to use for maintenance and other projects? Can we keep our own contractors we like? • What is the process you use for choosing vendors or services to take care of repairs and maintenance? Do you have your own affiliated maintenance company or are they independent? • Do you create a separate budget for the Operating and Reserve funds or should we rely on the Reserve Fund Study alone for the Reserve account ’ s budget?

• How does your manager handle the AGM? • Does your manager distribute the government - mandated forms (PIC, ICU, etc) generally on time? Do they update the CAO promptly of changes? Introduction to the Management Company Where you are meeting a management company where there are multiple managers, some of the questions below might be helpful to ask in your process in that preliminary call. You can put them in order of your board ’ s preferences. It is also important for a manager to integrate well in the community so it would be helpful to keep that in mind during the call. • How many years has your company provided condominium management services? Do you have any properties have been with you that long? If not, how many Corporations have been with you for the longest time frame? • For how many properties does your company provide condominium management services?

CCI Review 2020/2021 —June 2021 - 21

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