CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

• Will we be keeping our own bank accounts or will we have to change? Why? • How often will we receive Financial Statements? • What extra charges will we see, beyond our monthly contract fee? Is this negotiable? • What support will we receive if an owner starts a Condominium Authority Tribunal case against our Corporation? • Do we see original invoices for maintenance and will you be providing us an invoice for coordinating the repairs or any markup? • How does your company handle after - hours emergencies? • When I call your company with a maintenance or condo fee concern, who will I speak to? • What is different about your company that holds you, in your mind, above the rest? • What is the process of transition between companies (or from self - managed to professionally managed)? • When could you accept us as a client if we were to choose your company? Introduction to an Individual Manager Create your interview questions for the individual manager in advance of the interview date so that you can verify manageability, determine the candidate ’ s skills for listening, verbal communication, willingness to do the job, and also important, the cultural fit. Have each board member attending the interview create an evaluation of the interview and skills. Not all Condominium Management Companies have a large group of managers, so you may find you can ask the following questions in the original interview instead of having a second. Where you are meeting a manager who is the sole provider of services in the company, or a manager who would be assigned to the community by a management company, questions you might ask are below. Feel free to create questions that a reply would best serve your community. • What is your past work experience?

• Has your past work experience helped in your current position of manager? How? • How long have you been a condominium manager? • Do you possess other credentials or certification that are helpful to your condominium management role? • How many properties do you manage? • What is the average length of time serving individual communities? • Did you leave any condominium property for cause? Explain. • What would you consider your most enjoyable aspect of condominium management? • What would you consider your most dreaded element of condominium management? • What would you consider your strengths as a manager? • What would you consider your weaknesses as a manager? • What are your best practices in communicating with owners?

CCI Review 2020/2021 —June 2021 - 22

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