CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

It has also been recommended that boards create a Compliance Enforcement Policy and Procedure document to set out how best to proceed to enforce compliance Boards may refer to their manager and/ or their legal counsels for assistance on best practices. The Ontario ’ s Condominium Buyers Guide (Section 4.4) references Compliance and Enforcement Mechanisms. CAO also provides how - to guides and letter templates to assist you with how - to and letter templates that may assist in addressing issues in your community. A concise record of all reasonable steps of the process that a board/manager takes to secure compliance of the Corporation ’ s governing documents by any resident should be kept on file in the event there is a need to proceed with a court application for a compliance order. Board of Directors Directors are required to do online mandatory Director Training through the Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) . It should also be noted that this training program is available at no extra cost for owners and other members of Ontario ’ s condominium community. It might well be encouraged that owners take the training program, so they are in the know about the responsibilities that directors assume when they are elected to the board; perhaps as a preview for them to consider standing for a position on the board themselves; or just as general knowledge about the lifestyle they have chosen at this point in their lives. To assist in maintaining compliance, it is beneficial to provide all residents with a copy of the rules periodically (suggest annually in the spring when folks are out and about more) and to address those

that are most troublesome more often in corporation communiqu es to residents. Landlords

By section 83 of the Condominium Act, landlords are obligated to provide their tenants with a copy of the declaration, by - laws and rules of the corporation within 10 days of entering into the lease or its renewal. Landlords are also obligated to notify the corporation with the Summary of Lease

CCI Review 2020/2021 —June 2021 - 27

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