CCI Review - 2020/2021 - #4

Q&A: AGMs One year into the Pandemic by Jennifer Dickenson, RCM Contributions by Teresa Giardin(CondosPlus Property Management Inc), Brendan Gregg (Gregg Condominum Management Inc), Jennifer Zammit (Trademark Property Management Ltd) Nancey Charron (Cambri Management )

or the board on ZOOM and were very successful. This is definitely my preferred method going forward for now. BG : If we can, we hold them on - site or by proxy. For the most part on - site. JZ : 99% of them are held digitally. NC : We are continuing to hold AGM meetings electronically. We used the platform “ Go to Meeting ” in 2020 and found that it worked quite well. Owners are able to attend from their computer, smart phone and even a landline to link in and participate live. We were surprised to find people attending that hadn ’ t in years, mostly because they were happy to attend from the comfort of their own home. We had 2 corporations that waited till we were permitted to gather up to 25 outside and they held meetings in the green space or parking lot – they will do the same this year. This was also very successful. Jennifer: Do you find you're able to get quorum at most of your properties using this method? TG : I had two zoom meetings that I was unable to get quorum for but have had several others where quorum was met and in most cases attendance was higher than past face to face meetings. BG : Even when there wasn ’ t a pandemic I had issues getting a

It has been a long year. The pandemic influences almost every aspect of our lives and condo governance is no exception. Last year, the Ontario government allowed an extension on deadlines to hold Annual General Meetings (AGMs). This year, after encouraging Corporations to pass E - voting and E - meeting by - laws, there is no such extension. Jennifer Dickenson reached out to 4 different managers from 4 different companies in the London area to see how they ’ re handling AGMs this year, without the extension, during a “ Stay - At - Home ” order from the government. For good measure, we asked how they ’ re handling maintenance right now, too. Jennifer: As our second year into the pandemic continues, how are you holding your AGMs? TG : I have had two meetings that were face to face - not advisable. One was held in a church and the cost to rent the space had more than doubled to cover the cost of a janitor to clean up after and special forms had to be filled out by all that attended for the church. The second one was held at a funeral home of all places. Both locations were able to accommodate the social distancing requirements and face masks and hand sanitizer was provided by the corporation. All others have been hosted by us

Jennifer Dickenson, BSc (Hons), RCM is a condominium manager with Dickenson Condo Management. She was first elected to the CCI Board of Directors in 2016, currently serves as Vice- Present and the chapter’s National Representative. Jennifer is involved in all aspects of the chapter and shares her expertise.

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